Tourism Slogans of the World = Escape


Click the graphic to see the full size!

Click the graphic to see the full size!

IRAN: You are invited
INDIA: Incredible !ndia
ARGENTINA: Beats To Your Rhythm
PORTUGAL: Europe’s West Coast
GREECE: All Time Classic

Some are direct, some are boring, some are strange and some are fun!
Maybe it’s time to plan a Vacation from the Holidays!
Master? Are you up for some travel?

4 Comments on “Tourism Slogans of the World = Escape”

  1. Oh yes! This is totally my kind of thing!


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    • dievca says:

      Ah, Good! It’s always nice to have a moment to think of something different during the day. I have to say….I have never heard any of these slogans being used except for Iceland. šŸ™‚


  2. I’ve never heard most of these slogans either šŸ™‚ So Syria still has a tourist department btw? Sorry, my eyes naturally wander toward the Med…

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