New Year’s Eve and…

What dievca is drinking….Hoochinoo

1875-80, Americanism; orig. the name of a Tlingit village on Admiralty Island, Alaska, reputed to be a source of illicit liquor; alteration of Tlingitxucnu·wú literally, brown bear’s fort ( xú·c brown bear + nu·w fortified place)


EARGO advertisement – hear it right the 1st time…


Better known, now, as “hooch”.

noun, Slang.
  1. alcoholic liquor.
  2. liquor illicitly distilled and distributed.

20161225_184613Better known as dievca’s sister-in-law’s Blackberry brandy, made from blackberries collected on her land.


A very tasty libation which causes your lips to go delightfully numb.



Love, dievča

9 Comments on “New Year’s Eve and…”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Sounds like a festive drink. Have a happy New Year. X

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  2. Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Happy New Year from the UK!
    It’s looking fine so far!

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  4. Heartafire says:

    Happy New Year Dievca!

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