Helena and the Hungarian

Storm Helena 2017, dumped 5.1 inches at Central Park in New York City. Not too much, but more than expected.  On a Saturday, snow doesn’t cause too much trouble in NYC and in this case, most of it was gone by Sunday.

But dievca had ridden her bike into work on that Saturday and needed it for Monday morning, so she rode it home behind a:


she was planning to walk the bike home, but when she saw the scooter, she hopped behind it. Staying inside their wheel tracks on the Hudson Pathway until she crossed into midtown on the relatively clear streets. No sliding occurred.

dievca wanted to get her bike home but she was also in a hurry because she left work late and was supposed to meet her friends on the Upper West Side.  A clothing change was required from the morning and the snow was kicking in a bit harder.

dievca was meeting friends at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, Amsterdam and 111th
Address: 1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025 ‎
Telephone: (212) 866-4230

At the cafe, she had excellent hot apple cider, shared some cherry strudel, apple strudel and a cream puff. The strudel was not quite as good as her Grandmother’s, but Grandma died when dievca was in 7th Grade, so this was a treat. The creampuff’s pastry part was excellent, but the cream filling didn’t beat the one’s you can buy at the Wisconsin State Fair. Overall, very good treats – dievca recommends it, and of course the company of friends sharing hot apple cider and conversation on a snowy day can’t be beat. XO

8 Comments on “Helena and the Hungarian”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Cafe sounds like the perfect cure for such awful weather. X

  2. Oh, I’m definitely making a note of that! Thanks!

  3. Ret MP says:

    ohhh. the Wisconsin State Fair Creampuff; a treat for THREE at least!

  4. Anami Blog says:

    Oh, the strudle (retes in Hungarian) is my favorite, especially the poppy seed one with cherries or plums. Yummy!!!!


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