Do you go?


Carlos Barria/Reuters

There is a March calling to you.

For your Mother
For your Sister
For your Wife
For your Daughter
Your Cousins
Your Girlfriends
Their Children
Your Female, Gay and Minority Friends

Your Lovers, Your Close Friends, Your reality-checks.
Those who make your Life more full.

And those who work to teach female children to be strong, daily.

Do you go? My Hippie?
Do I?

London has an option:

dc-womens-march-tee nyc-womens-march-tee

8 Comments on “Do you go?”

  1. I’m not local, but as a white, hetrosexual, able-bodied, middle class male, with a real dislike for identity politics, damn right I’d march.

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  2. ktee says:

    I say GO! If I lived closer I would be there.

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  3. Anami Blog says:

    I was planning to, but unfortunately a knee injury got in a way, so I’m on crutches and home rest. I will there in spirit, though!

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