New to You

dievca: Vintage Bicycle, Brooklyn Museum 03/2017

With daily use, dievca’s bike takes a beating.
she’s looking to upgrade for the Summer.
Here’s something she spotted in the Brooklyn Museum archives.
dievca thinks this a “look” worth fighting for~
Can you see her arriving at Master’s in such style?

11 Comments on “New to You”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Nice bike, the fur seems a bit out of place. X

  2. I love it! Fur from the handle bars is just my style!


  3. vivalaViv says:

    Super stylish indeed!! A ‘YES’ for me!!

    Vivienne X

  4. oooooo… you’d rock that !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Definitely!! But that tail should be hung at the back πŸ˜€


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