Torrential Downpour (High Line in the Spring)

Zadig et Voltaire t-shirt

Master left for Europe for two months of work. dievca will be keeping herself busy and working on her body, now that the stress fracture and her back are doing well.

That brought her to a very rainy Friday in May… a day off, a day of torrential downpours. Sit at home and do odds-and-ends or….walk the High Line.

dievca avoids the High Line…unless the weather is terrible or it is 7 am, no later. she can’t take the tourists — she experiences “High Line Rage”.  You, you roll your eyes…it exists! dievca knows that tourists bring money into the City, but she has experienced the overwhelming desire to tell the pods of tourists to “get the hell out of my way” and “go home and walk five abreast in a 1.5 meter lane on your own sidewalk.” Whew!

So, when there is rotten weather and dievca has a day off, it’s time to walk the High Line and run to the Meatpacking District. (Kiehl’s recycling and an All Saints Sweatshirt purchase were driving dievca in this direction.).

Clothing of choice for ugly weather?

Stutterheim Orange Raincoat, micro-fleece pants (dievca’s rain pants were at work), Burberry Rain boots, Missoni Umbrella, Zadig & Voltaire pink camo sweater and scarf and Club Monaco Pink Tee.

And a gorgeous purse….a plastic bag. (It was really wet.)

As dievca is writing this and the news is on — lots of flooding in NYC, today. dievca saw it in the Meatpacking district, large puddles where dievca had to walk in the middle of the street, a candy store flooded, the Zadig & Voltaire store on Bleeker – no electricity, etc.

You saw dievca’s outfit, she was ready for anything, sort of ~

The micro-fleece pants needed to be wrung out on the way down under a High Line ‘overpass’ and dievca’s boots let in water on the way home. Slicker was great and the plastic bag might have been ugly, but it worked for her wallet and her All Saints Sweatshirt purchase.

All Saints Margot Hoody

Oh, yeah did you want to see dievca’s purchases?
The t-shirt at the top and these two pieces:

InterMix Ally Cotton Sweater Dress

6 Comments on “Torrential Downpour (High Line in the Spring)”

  1. D will be stylin’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pelelotus says:

    Glad that your back is better. Moschino brolly is always a grand choice. X


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