A day on the UWS

dievca and a friend met for the Farmer’s Greenmarket on the Upper Westside and she already shared her outfit with you.

Here’s what happened after the market:

Walked past some bubbles and good wishes:

Brunch at White Gold Butchers – a whole-animal butcher shop & American eatery that’s owned by two female butchers. It is casual by day with table service at night and offers excellent meats. (Side note: Master and dievca had lunch here a week later, as a break from packing for His extended trip.)

dievca visited two OPEN HOUSEs for apartments up by where Master lives. One with a terrace and a fireplace… Yes, dievca knows that you Midwesterners are smirking, but buying a Co-Op in NYC is a whole different ballgame — my rent for one bedroom is probably more than your 3 bedroom house on 1/2 acre of land. The terraced/fireplace apartment was small but lovely. The the other apartment was….meh.

Then dievca’s friend wanted her to visit a business which was closing this week after 39 years of service. Liberty House will have closed by the time you read this – it was a lovely, yet sad experience. Some offerings:
What did dievca buy?
A bright yellow pottery tray and an absolutely stunning petite 18K with 22K bezel set opal slice ring.

Photos: 4/2017 UWS NYC by dievca

8 Comments on “A day on the UWS”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Looks like a nice time was had. X

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  2. Sounds like a nice day.
    I love the ring.


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  3. darkgemdom says:

    Beautiful ring d
    Crazy prices there (for everything)

    And for what? I’ll take My cheap mountain skyscrapers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dievca says:

      I was at a place in my Life where I was dying in the Midwest (had to do with not being able to have children, etc.)…I needed the City. We all need different things at certain times in our lives. I’m good with where I am – cost or no cost. I’m loving the ring – simple and clean. XO

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  4. Thanks for the butchers tip! And love your ring (opal is one my favourite stones)!

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