Didn’t look so good…

At 12:00 Noon.
It was coming down pretty heavy.

Parade started at 1:00 pm – rain or shine.
Apparently Mermaids don’t melt.
At 4:00 pm?

5 Comments on “Didn’t look so good…”

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    oh my…

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    • dievca says:

      The parade got moving – messy, but the rain slowed so it wasn’t horrendous.


      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        i am agoraphobic – mostly manageable etc etc – but the one thing i could never do is go on a parade… but i am envious of those who do… The one i would really like to partake in is our gay pride – it used to pass our building in Victoria – it was awesome – no matter if it was raining or not – pouring in fact – or the sun shone beyond brilliant – its the mood of the people – the weather – on the whole pails into insignificance….

        My poor father – we used to watch the pride parade on our balcony and my father’s eyes nearly popped out of his dear head…. He was a much older father…

        darling girl – so glad you had a good day though x

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      • dievca says:

        Older Father, but I grew up with a lot of Gay guys around. And an older cousin who is a Lesbian….Dad (and Mom)? They just rolled with it.


      • missagathaarmstrong says:

        funny x I’m English . .. not so good at “rolling with it’… I do try …


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