An old desperation…solved for $21.92

Everyone had a pair.
Except dievca.

Her thighs didn’t fit and if they did the waist was huge.
Serious quad muscles.
Funny because everyone else had trouble with the waist.

We are talking 4th grade…and beyond.

dievca has never owned a pair of Levis Jeans.

Until this weekend.

Let dievca explain.
As an athlete growing up in the 1970’s/1980’s, Levis Jeans weren’t cut for larger thighs. No stretch and too large of waists. So, dievca never really looked at the options that flowed in during the later years. Look, she barely could wear the 1980’s/1990’s Guess Jeans and they weren’t comfortable, especially when you had to zip them at the ankles to get them over your feet.


Back to Levis Jeans…

dievca never tried on the “curvy” ones, nor any iteration of the 501 blues. she avoided Levis and found friendliness of fit with J Brand, Current/Elliott and Rag & Bone.
Until she was shopping in a Wal-Mart store~


There aren’t any Wal-Marts in Manhattan.

Renting a car to get to a funeral provides an opportunity to bulk shop. Especially for those items that are heavy: Laundry Detergent, Oxyclean, canned good, bottled juices, etc. As dievca traversed the store she passed the Men’s clothing section. There, looking her straight in the eye, were stands of Levis Signature FLEX straight slim leg Men’s jeans. They looked like they would fit. They had 1% elastane. They were $21.95.

dievca had a dress on from the Funeral, she put the jeans on underneath the dress and then searched the store to find a mirror. Bingo! – there was one in the home goods section.
They fit!
They fit well!
At $21.95, if dievca decides she doesn’t like them – it won’t break the bank.

So, after 30+ years – dievca now owns a pair of Levis Jeans…and her thighs fit.

Will wonders will never Cease!

So….what’s your story with Blue Jeans? XO

8 Comments on “An old desperation…solved for $21.92”

  1. Ah, Levi 501s. I used to buy them cheap on family trips to Canada. The American ones with the red stitching they they didn’t sell here in the UK.
    I’d wear them for a while, then sell them to a vintage shop locally. For more than I’d paid for them, of course. 😀

    • dievca says:

      When I lived in the Midwest, some friends came over from Sweden. We were on the hunt for a pair of Levis…26W x 36L…for a girl. Honest to goodness and we found them at an outlet Levis store. Mind you, I didn’t try a thing on~I knew. The cost? Cheaper than not being able to get them in Sweden at all.

  2. esther says:

    they used to fit, but now they don’t…so i buy Gap jeggings…ta-dah! xx

    • dievca says:

      You lucky kid! I would have been so jealous of you for those Levis.
      Jeggings are nice. Very comfortable. I haven’t seen the Gap ones, yet. I have one pair from Surface To Air — I’m going total “brand” name on this Levis purchase.

  3. Pelelotus says:

    Congrates on the find. Buying jeans can be so complex. X

  4. I need to go buy a bunch before returning to Europe, considering the prices! I mean one can buy -maybe- a Levis POCKET at $21.95 in Brussels!!

    • dievca says:

      They don’t have the red tab and tradition pieces on it. It’s more for comfort. 😉 I am getting older when I worry about comfort more than “the look” !


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