We’re ok and saving a Pumpkin

Sad news about the Bike Path in NYC. dievca knows children who use that bike path in that area – but not on Halloween, Thanks Goodness, not on Halloween.

As a “Thank You” to the Halloween Holiday taking the kids away from the bike path — dievca carved one of the Bodega pumpkins with Master after work.
she will use the other for Thanksgiving decorations.

Here’s what we got:

The pumpkin was starting to rot, so the mouth was an attempt at a smirk. It also had a lot of interior ‘gunk’ that came out like spaghetti which made it glow. It’s sitting off the fire escape.
Have a SAFE evening.

5 Comments on “We’re ok and saving a Pumpkin”

  1. Oh, thank You Halloween! sent you an email yesterday and when I saw no answer thought I’d check here this morning! Pheeeww you were busy curving a pumpkin! 🙂 And, thankfully, the children were also busy halloween-ing!

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    • dievca says:

      I was working until 7:30 pm, but further north. They closed the Westside Hwy for part of my commute, but not the bike path. The pumpkin and my candle where the ode to the Gods for the child saving Holiday. I just read there was a number of tourists which hurts my heart.

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