6 Comments on “Moving~”

  1. Oh, now, there’s an activity I hate !

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    • dievca says:

      I used to do every 3 years, but when I got to NYC I parked it for 8 years….I really like NOT moving, but when you have to – you find out how much of a pack-rat you have become~


  2. missagathaarmstrong says:

    heheh … i moved to this beautiful in the middle of nowhere place and im still like this 3 months later. sitting room, daughter’s room and bathroom are good but my bedroom … this is exactly how it and i look …

    adore you sweet lovely Dievca x

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  3. I think I’ll be doing the same shortly… thinking of moving on account of second hand smoking. I’m already exhausted at the thought!

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    • dievca says:

      Argh! 2nd hand smoke is awful…then I think about all the bars/cafes/restaurants I went to when smoking was still allowed. How did we survive?!?!?! Your health is worth the move. XO

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