“Items: Is Fashion Modern?” at MoMa with Master

Everything old is new again… the underlying theme to the Museum of Modern Art’s first fashion exhibition since 1944.

“Items” focused mostly on types of clothes, not dream clothes. Paying attention to everyday women’s concerns and how women actually get dressed are placed front and center. This is a clinical look at clothing (new and old), not the fantasy of Fashion.

There weren’t many designers shown unless their items were rifts upon historical pieces (Rei Kawakubo) or practicality for all shapes and sizes (Donna Karan’s 1985 collection for professional women.)

Overall, wandering around the exhibition showed a lack of connection between research and the object shown unless you took the time to read the descriptions fully.  Still it was fun to try to determine the timeline of an item and decide if the 111 initial items listed were what you considered “classics” or if you would choose something different.

As for answering the question, “Is Fashion Modern?” dievca stays with her first statement of -“Everything Old is New Again”….the exhibition solidified her thoughts.

But more importantly, for dievca, spending time with her Master looking at clothing wasn’t a bad bargain on a grey day. 🙂

Photos: dievca MoMa 2017

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