God closes a door…

I got screwed royally by someone on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. It was the third time I went out of my way for this person and their child. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, put down confusion due to lingual and cultural differences. I lost money, time and the chance to fly back to my parents this week.

Pissed….I was just pissed. Furious. Feeling used.

Then Wednesday afternoon, I had insult upon injury with this same person. Steam was coming out of my ears. A couple of friends talked me down, but they couldn’t contradict that I was f*cked over.

Look, we have all been here before~

But, after the shit — I had two excellent opportunities open up. One actually came back to me from 2010.  Soothing my ego, building up my self-worth. Putting my being screwed into perspective. It wasn’t me and anything I did – it was her.

“When God closes a door, He opens a window.”
how trite
how appropriate

What makes the cliché above all the more embarrassing is its bizarre origin. Given its pervasive use in the church, you’d think it came from some pseudo-theological work or apocryphal book—something close to the truth, in relative terms.

But no. Instead, it comes from The Sound of Music.

Let’s be honest. I got lucky that efforts from my past work came back to me in the form of positive payback. And I felt better when the crappy person started to do her same shit to someone else and I was able to warn them of the issues. They followed my recommendations.

Yes, I am going to run into the crappy person, over and over – so I plan to wear this t-shirt:

(click photo to buy)

Not sure if it is a reminder for me…or her.
Who am I fooling? she won’t get the reminder and I’ll need it.

5 Comments on “God closes a door…”

  1. Well, the fact is that YOU are a wonderful person. Fuck them. Don’t let em see you sweat.

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  2. Marty says:

    In case you haven’t realized it,d, you are a Saint

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