dievca has learned that her make-up technique just needed some tweaking and you need to build it up for photos because you lose 50%.  she also learned that her face is not model material – but it is kind and children love it. (Or maybe that is just her personality coming out — boys, of all ages, tend to love dievca)

dievca also learned that you want your face to be the largest item for the camera, so you don’t push your pelvis forward or stick you hip out to the camera.  (she does this all the time…)

dievca learned that good friends giggling with you makes the process easier. And the people watching you appreciate and smile when they know you are having fun. Taking photos with friends in them are more natural.

dievca learned that her friend is a really good make-up artist and photographer.

dievca learned that she…is beautiful.

(A lot of learning going on)


Charlotte Olympia Camera Bag

19 Comments on “Photoshoot…”

  1. The last line was the most important.

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  2. One should never stop learning… 🙂

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  3. Great lessons! ❤️

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  4. dsartiststudio says:

    Well you’ve always been beautiful, both in spirit and physical form

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  5. No doubt about that, D !

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  6. Marty says:

    I never had any doubt

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