she doesn’t know how or why this happened…

The question is, “Is dievca insane?”

dievca really didn’t care until she hit 37….then she completely moved into matching her bra and panties.  dievca doesn’t know how or why it happened, she just knows at what age she became obsessed. 

Then she went beyond internal matching and matches her outfits or does a tasteful contrast. Ask her trainer at the gym…she matches there.  That worked well for many years when Victoria’s Secret offered Body by Victoria matching bras and pants. dievca had full coverage unlined brown, orange, red, yellow, black, navy, turquoise, fuchsia, burgundy, white, light pink, purple, royal blue, olive-green….you get the picture.

They stopped making the type of bra that fit dievca well:

and the panties to match…dievca’s supply dwindled and is gone.

she tried to replace the match up with different brands, but its a job to keep looking out for different colors and seeing if they fit ok. she would really just like to go back to one store/brand and buy her selection of colors with the correct fit. Easy peasy…

In desperation she is looking at Victoria’s Secret, again, and will be head to a store on 34th Street. God help her~ The website doesn’t show an unlined full coverage bra, dievca does not need any kind of padding…at all, but she is hoping they might have something.

Does anyone else do this? Does anyone have suggestions on brands?
Guys, are you obsessive with matching your underwear to your outer clothing?

17 Comments on “she doesn’t know how or why this happened…”

  1. I never even think about what color my underwear is, but it’s only one piece as opposed to a ladies

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  2. darkgemdom says:

    I do not worry about such things. My decision is:
    Do I want to wear any? I often don’t and it’s not because I have none to wear.
    Matching seems to be a big deal for a submissive lady friend of Mine however.

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  3. Cinn says:

    No but I’m totally impressed that you are so coordinated! I care only about comfort and cleanliness 😎

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  4. Am I insane? Probably.
    I have for years tried to match my underwear to my socks … or visa versa. Not so much to outerwear, as that is predominantly muted colours, in contrast to far brighter sock. (See my last Sinful Sunday post.)
    Did I used to care whether my partner wore matching bra and panties? Why the fuck wouldn’t you want to?!
    Insane? Maybe. Who cares?!

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    • dievca says:

      When I catch with M. I think about my lingerie and the message I want to share — I just laugh at myself that I am doing it daily and it causes me more work whether its seen or not seen. But, I think you are on the same page with your undies/sock combo – it gives you pleasure to know for yourself. I’ll go look. Hope all is well.


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