Lingerie: obsessed with Fishnet

We’ve spoken about Fishnet stockings and lingerie several times.

dievca would like to bring it back up, this week, in the lingerie section because
Agent Provocateur is offering Fishnet, again, as Riho

dievca is feeling that this is something for Master…
Is it something for your Sir or Madame?

9 Comments on “Lingerie: obsessed with Fishnet”

  1. Alder says, absolutely! 🕸️

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  2. esther says:

    love fishnet! x

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  3. Ret MP says:

    Great reminder. It may not be about what we think we should/can wear…often, it is the give: it is what s/he thinks we can (and should) wear. Always trust when your partner “dresses” you!

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    • dievca says:

      Sometimes I try to remember that it’s fun to work with someone else’s view in mind. And in this case, I’m hyper aware that someone will be really looking at me, closely. Someone I am interested in pleasing and pleasuring.
      (On that note, the bottoms were great and the top – for me – was not good, squashed the front and side stays bulged bc they were plastic, not firm.)

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    • My husband buys all my undies, so he always knows that underneath whatever else, I’m wearing what he chose.
      And I know it too! Delicious!

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