Reality Check: Older Parents

My coffee and Mom’s nebulizer stuff.

You know you have elderly parents when:

  • You’ve survived multiple episodes of falls, strokes, heart issues and you are unfazed, you roll.
  • The house or living situation has wellness paraphernalia all around (nebulizer attachments).
  • You have Amazon Prime and use it for reoccurring orders of incontinence pads and underwear.
  • You find the most simple coffee-maker for your Mom to use and write down the directions.
  • You feel like you are going deaf from “yelling” to be heard.
  • You know where the bleach, oxyclean and pee pads are located in the house.
  • You can make-up a week of Meds for both parents in 15 minutes or less.
  • You know the way to make the Meds because your Dad continues to tell you how to do it.
  • You know the neighbors, friends and home aides who assist and visit your Parents.
  • You are extremely grateful to those people and their patience with hearing a story 20+ times.
  • Their behavior reminds you to pay-it-forward.
  • You’ve learned to take a breath because you know how much your Dad hates losing his control.
  • You have seen enough bodily functions to try to figure out solutions to the bodily challenges.
  • You get excited for a Toto Washlet Toilet seat.
  • You look for things to tempt your parent’s taste buds because they don’t eat enough.
  • You really want a glass of wine at 11 am, daily when you are home.
  • Reminder: we will all be elderly at some point with Luck.
  • You make notes for when you are older.

I am sure you can add to this list, please feel free to do so in the comments.
(PS. Both, Mom and Dad, had check-ups today and things are going relatively well.)


9 Comments on “Reality Check: Older Parents”

  1. Yes, we understand this.
    Spent an hour visiting my mother in law in hospital on Boxing Day. We were so thrilled that she knew we were there.
    For my husband who visits her twice a week, it’s often a difficult experience.

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    • dievca says:

      Oh, Ash, I am so glad you got to see a good recognition moment! Those moments are like jewels. I am sure that Alder well knows that…he is an amazing son.
      I truly believe sound and touch means something to humans, no matter where their minds may be wandering.
      Sending good energy to be shared amongst all of us who could use a little extra as caregivers.

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  2. Cinn says:

    I understand it too. Mine have both been hospitalized lately- Dad still in hospital, mom got out last week.
    I’m exhausted and stressed.

    Whatever you think you have saved, it’s probably not enough. And look into long-term insurance when planning for your future

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    • dievca says:

      Aww Cinn, I am sending sympathy and strength. I get it. Take that moment for yourself, so you can keep functioning (glass of wine, bath, stretch, workout)
      I feel like its harder having two elderly parents because they are symbiotic in their relationship and you don’t want to break that up (hospital visits leave one open to issues). Add that elderly care is already expensive for one – two is a load. I do have to say my parents did the supplementary insurance and its helped with PT, OT, Speech, Nurse check-ups.
      We are trying to stay at home for costs. My parents built this house with the bedroom/bath on the 1st floor with this in mind. (But the house is in the boonies…)

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  3. I’m glad they’re doing pretty well .

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