And she was~

Floating Girl by Jonathan Robrecht

A most beautiful friend died yesterday.
I got to see her, say “I love you” and hold her hand before she moved on.
I’m hoping that she was able to float out on the next plane, blissing out, losing her pain.

“I used to know a blissed-out hippie-chick in Baltimore,” recalled Byrne in the liner notes of Once in a Lifetime: The Best of Talking Heads. “She once told me that she used to do acid (the drug, not music) and lay down on the field by the Yoo-hoo chocolate soda factory. Flying out of her body, etc etc. It seemed like such a tacky kind of transcendence… but it was real! A new kind of religion being born out of heaps of rusted cars and fast food joints. And this girl was flying above it all, but in it too.”

Then as I thought about it more — I think that my friend would prefer to leave you with this:

Me? I’m firmly on the ground.

10 Comments on “And she was~”

  1. Cinn says:

    Very sorry for your loss. I love the imagery ❤️
    May she visit you often my friend ..

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    • dievca says:

      I hope so, too. Listened to the 80’s when returning the rental car this morning. The Cure, Squeeze, etc. all brought on memories, I had to smile – some people will always live within you. XO

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  2. Marty says:

    I’m so sorry, d. Life. Death. It’s all too much sometimes

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  3. I’m very sorry for your loss !

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  4. Take care d! Be strong to remember her!

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