A day to lay low…

Lisbon is a lot of walking on hills paved with cobblestones.
Gorgeous views, excellent wine, heat, plus a lot of people in August.

Avoiding the trams due to crowds

Age comes into it when you pull a hamstring and your hips/back step in to carry the load. Makes for a really hurting 7th day.

dievca is laying low, stretching and trying to get her muscles to relax before the flight on Sunday… Wish her luck. XO

2 Comments on “A day to lay low…”

  1. Marty says:

    Aaghh! Stay off your feet as much as possible. Stretching the hamstring now is probably too late. Apply heat to it as best you can. Wishing you good luck on the flight.

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    • dievca says:

      I took it easy, found a ball for trigger point release, took a anit-inflam/painkiller and was able to come back later in the afternoon. The next day, I was aware – but moving more freely. Completely upper glute and hip overuse – nothing in the back! (My back slipping was a problem, I’ve worked hard strengthening the muscles in the front and rear.)

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