Umm- was this a Bordello?

It started with a lovely seafood lunch, topped off with a chocolate mousse.
The walk up the hill offered a chance for some views:

And some shopping:

Some of which was in a Bordello:

Actually, it was a very stately house that was a single family home (palace) for many years until the family couldn’t afford the upkeep.  Part of the house was used as a movie set for two years – a French film for which the set designers created the nudes in the entry way and double stair case. Of course, dievca had to ask if it was a house ill-repute.

Embaixada – Concept Store

And a final walk through a park with ancient trees, Magnolia and other:

And a final beer for the way home:

Photos: dievca, Lisbon Portugal 08/2019

5 Comments on “Umm- was this a Bordello?”

  1. Great pics– lovely mousse.

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  2. Cinn says:

    Magnolia trees are my favorite. Decadent scent

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    • dievca says:

      The blossoms were really high, so I couldn’t catch the scent. I alway find the Magnolias in the south so elegant and the spring blossoms in the midwest ‘salt of the earth’. Supposedly, they are the same species of tree-just the Seasons affect them differently. I’m not sure though…

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