An older submissive…

Age and size are only numbers.
It’s the attitude you bring to clothes that make the difference.
~ Donna Karan

Photo: Man Ray Bottom

One Comment on “An older submissive…”

  1. Donald Fedosiuk says:

    Truly lovely images! And thank you for them. Is there anything more beautiful than a near-naked woman presenting herself for the inspection and use of an elegantly dressed man? And as for Man Ray — well, what is there left to say? I know Suitsupply by name, but have yet to check them out more thoroughly. (though I have hopes of patronizing English Cut, a Boston purveyor of bespoke and made-to-measure run by a Saville Row refugee, sometime this year). I’ll look into Suitsupply more closely soon. Looking at the photos again, it ocurs to me the only thing missing would be a riding whip from Hermes resting across the elegant arc of the woman’s bare back. I enjoy your blog — your Master is a fortunate man, indeed. Oh, and a very Happy 2020 to you both.


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