Something of Use: Hiding the Fish Oil

dievca kept hiding the large ugly bottle of Fish Oil pills in her cupboard,
taking a pill once a week…maybe.

That’s not an effective way to ingest a Fish Oil supplement.
It needs to be taken 3 times a day with meals.
Changing containers and leaving the pills on the countertop has made a world of difference.
Much more elegant, much more apt to work.

Something of use!

Healthline: 13 Important Benefits of Taking Fish Oil Supplements

Omega-3s contribute to normal brain and eye development. They fight inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function.

As fish oil contains a lot of omega-3s, those at risk of these disorders can benefit from taking it.

However, eating whole foods is almost always better than taking supplements, and eating two portions of oily fish per week can provide you with enough omega-3s.

In fact, fish is as effective as fish oil — if not more so — at preventing many diseases.

That said, fish oil supplements are a good alternative if you don’t eat a lot of fish.

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