Sweet Holiday

The most googled food items to be enjoy at home for the Holidays.

Zippia, a career builder website, used Google search data to create a map of people’s favorite holiday treats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cheesecake was a big favorite all over the country, with New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut all opting for this rich and creamy dessert. Pennsylvania is apparently a fan of gingerbread cheesecake in particular and Hawaii loves Oreo cheesecake.

What do you crave during the Holiday Season?

What does your State seem to favor?

A "Thank You" to Zipia and Andrea Romano for Travel & Leisure

2 Comments on “Sweet Holiday”

  1. Cheesecake is the big favorite in this house but for me it’s Apple pie hands down.

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    • dievca says:

      I’m with your Family – cheesecake over apple pie, but I look foward to fudge and kolaczki cookies. In fact, I ate waaaayyy too many of those darn cookies. No one made fudge this year… I hope all is well and your Holidays have been lovely and relaxing.


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