seems appropriate

RE/Done ‘Just Bring Wine’ Tee $125

Actually, it’s not desperate.
dievca’s Mom had a bath at Noon (it takes two people) and that wiped her out until dievca woke her at 4:55 pm. Why 4:55 pm? Because her Mom insisted that Jane Eyre would be on TV  at 5:00 pm…  Yes, it was on – because dievca downloaded it onto the tablet from Amazon Prime.
(dievca’s brother canceled cable TV)

dievca fed her Mom dinner and watched the 2011 version with her – good acting, but it is a sad movie.

Big Band Music to pick up the mood while getting Mom ready for bed and now dievca is seeking wine.
There is no wine to be had ~ hence the appropriate t-shirt graphic.
(Wine is on the grocery list for tomorrow.) šŸ˜‰

3 Comments on “seems appropriate”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    I looked after my mom until I lost her at 94 and while it was hard at times, I’m thankful in retrospect I had the chance to do so. As I have no doubt you are. My mom was a writer, but her tastes ran more to P.D. James and Ruth Rendell than Jane Austen, but like your mom she wouldn’t miss an episode of either on Masterpiece. I think they would have liked each other. May the new year be kind to you both. (Oh, and if you’re into big band music, have you checked out some of the Kansas City jump outfits like Jay McShann’s band or Andy Kirk and the 12 Clouds of Joy? I saw Jay McShann –m who gave Charlie Parker his first professional gig in, I think, 1937 — perform solo in a small club here in Boston a few years before he died and it was ike listening to history — and history swung! And NO ONE can listen to Kirk’s “Froggy Bottom” without shaking a proverbial leg! )

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    • dievca says:

      Hello! Thank you for all the great suggestions. I think your Mom was more well read than mine – it was my Dad who loved Masterpiece Theatre. I’m finding that Mom leans towards Period Pieces and Classic Movies.
      They had me late, so along with Big Band/Classics I’m able to filter in some random music styles + current pieces and it keeps her engaged. I always laugh when she is enjoying Buckwheat Zydeco – YaYa. That was my living in GA phase.
      I’ll be looking for that “Froggy Bottom”!


      • jeandeberg says:

        Ask and ye shall receive — assuming you don’t mind clicking on an unsolicited link (which IS from You Tube,; otherwise I wouldn’t have sent it). Andy Kirk and the Clouds were one of the three top bands in Kansas City in the early/middle 30’s, the others being Jay McShann’s wonderful outfit and Count Basie’s. Jay and Andy were more-or-less KC natives, but Basie somehow contrived to end up there as a transplant from his native New Jersey (one of his signature tunes was “The Kid From Red Bank”) Bill went back east and the rest is history. Jay made eastern tours with some success but got drafted into the army in ’42 (the story being he landed on an FBI most-wanted list as he was on tour and his draft notice was always three towns behind him) Andy, for some reason, never made the leap to national status, though he tried. Don’t know who the guitarist and tenorman are but the piano player is almost certainly Mary Lou Williams who SHOULD be both a jazz icon and a feminist one. A brilliant player, she was one of the very few women in jazz who DIDN’T sing. Also an equally brilliant arranger. And in the way of the world one seldom credited for her work. When Andy took the band to NYC for its first recording date, he left her in KC, apparently scared the record company people would be more interested in her than him. Though there WAS at least one side-note to that — her husband at the time played trumpet in the band; her lover was in the reed section and her presence on the bandstand each night often produced a certain amount of, um, heated exchanges of dialogue! lol A movie you might enjoy if you like this, is Robert Altman’s “Kansas City,” which takes place in that city on election night of 1934 and — among other things — wonderfully re-creates a famous duel-to-the-death at a place called “the Kit-Kat Club” between Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins, the two premier tenor players in jazz at the time — and maybe still. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I LOVE this music! lol I also love your blog and read it most days. I came for the “bondage lingerie” and butt-plug postings (which I often share with a submissive friend who, I think, is now a subscriber — she’s a big fan of Fleur-du-Mal, as indeed am I) but have stayed for some nicely insightful writing. Thank you so much for responding. May the new year be kind to you and your Master and may we all have a better innings than 2020 afforded us. Be well.


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