A Slice of Sunshine~

The Elder Statesman Morph Stripe 100% Cashmere sweater and shorts

dievca was musing to Master about how she hasn’t hit the drama point others are experiencing with COVID-19. (The Millenials, Generation Z, and the Boomers.) Granted, she is working and going in to work. Work is relatively safe, but she does interact with people, etc.

Time at home meant she has had the opportunity to work on her injuries, clear out her Mom’s house and her space, resell or donate a number of items. dievca hasn’t minded sitting around watching a movie, reading a book, or taking the time to cook. she doesn’t feel the need to socialize and wandering the empty City is a treat.

After talking to a friend about feeling guilty for enjoying the time to regroup – the friend looked at dievca and said,
“Generation X is made for quarantine.”

Oh, yeah.
Spending time alone at home – no problem.
Not being able to go places – no problem.
Creating odd meals from a low stock pantry – no problem.
Avoiding others – no problem (Stranger Danger & Just say, “No”)
Not traveling – no problem
Maneuvering to get things done Рno problem

And the chance to wear a cozy rainbow morph outfit in a sunny apartment? Heaven.


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