Presentation for the Lunar New Year!

“This is such a short life that nothing can matter very much either one way or another. I have learned not to struggle but to flow along with the tide. If I am to be rich and famous, that will be fine. If not, what do riches and fame count in the long run?” – Anna May Wong

In the 1930s Anna May was named the “world’s best-dressed woman” by the Mayfair Mannequin Society of New York, cementing her position as an international fashion icon.

Presenting in a Suit with a Cloche hat might be an excellent change of pace for dievca.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!

2 Comments on “Presentation for the Lunar New Year!”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    Anna May Wong, one of the world’s unjustly forgotten beauties and one of the very first women to break, however cautiously and incompletely, the racial barriers of Hollywood and American popular culture. She may also have been (or not, depending on who you read) the subject of what arguably are the most poetically evocative lyrics of any piece of popular music ever written: “These Foolish Things,” by Eric Maschwitz, by turns a Hollywood screen-writer, a director of the BBC and a wartime spy, who may (or may not) have been one of her lovers. One verse gives an idea: : “The sigh of empty trains in midnight stations/Silk stockings thrown aside, dance invitations/Oh, how the ghost of you clings!/These foolish things remind me of you.” .

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