The other side of the family~


On the other side of the family (Ukrainian), dievca is one of 22 cousins and the youngest by 10 years. she wasn’t born in the same state as the other cousins and didn’t grow up with them.  A Cousin just died –  possibly from COVID-19, her sibling is being cagy with information.  It all came out because another cousin didn’t hear from her on their regular 3rd day phone call – so another cousin called the sibling and then called dievca’s brother.  dievca’s brother is asking dievca to hunt down the 3rd sibling, who is gay, to find out more information or let them know about the death…

Are you lost?

It took dievca 5 years of asking her Mother who everyone was, trying to figure out who her cousins belonged to, what they did and their ages – a couple she has only met once.

She’s got it now.

And like every family — let’s sic the youngest on the problem.

She’s the baby and no one will get angry with her because she can play “clueless”. Plus, she was cute.

Watching the family dynamics in action is amazing.

BTW, dievca did hunt down the phone # for the gay sibling and will be calling today. That cousin likes her.

Baby bath

2 Comments on “The other side of the family~”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    All my Irish relatives have German last names; my Ukrainian/Russian ones are all named “Kelley.” Go figure. My eastern European provenance is somewhat clouded, my dad’s parents having come here separately and on their own and apparently having succeeded in keeping it that way, to the point that he wasn’t really sure if they’d arrived here from Moscow or Kiev — though in point of actual fact, my grandmother came here from Riga, then as now a magnet for Russians. By some twist of fate when I was much younger I was lucky enough to spend some lovely years in company with a Latvian girl, and when I told her father my grandmother had lived in Latvia, he said:” Ah! That explains it then! You are much too nice to be a Russian!” You’re fortunate to be able to connect with your family and I’m sorry to hear that COVID may have intruded on them.

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    • dievca says:

      Those Eastern European (Central/Russian, etc.?) get a little bit murky. I do look Slovak, though, much to my chagrin – Mom’s got lovely long legs and a lighter hand with the curves…
      One of my favorite movies is “The Deer Hunter” and the wedding in the beginning reminds me of my family – and cousin’s weddings. PS. I think COVID got to everyone in some way shape or form – even if it was just annoyance.

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