Do people watch a television any more?

don-flowers-glamour-girls-art-sexy telivision girl

Or is everyone streaming content? Netflix, AppleTV, peacock, Disney+, etc.
Does broadcast television exist anymore?
Where does one start when you haven’t watched a “show” in years?
dievca was working under the theory that she would watch TV when her body couldn’t move anymore.
she’d catch up on all the movies she hadn’t seen or watch “Sex in the City” for the 1st time.
Now there is too much content.
she’s frozen.
Analyze to Paralyze…

God, is the World passing dievca by? or can she catch a ride on the next trend?

Anyone out there feeling the same?

One Comment on “Do people watch a television any more?”

  1. I right there with you. I cut the cord a few years ago but subscribed to Sling TV which is pretty much just like good ole cable. Over the summer I noticed that I was rarely really watching it because there just wasn’t much on, so I dropped Sling.

    There’s a free service called Pluto TV that I’ll commend to you. It’s like cable in that all you need to do is choose one of the myriad channels and someone decides which particular episode to put on each timeslot. There are also some cool “background” channels if you just want something that barely demands attention, like Loupe, All Aboard or Naturescape.


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