A Glimpse of NYC in November

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The Dawn is breaking cloudy in New York.
It’s rare to see the clouds head in from the East – but they are heading towards the Hudson River.
dievca is sending you a quiet, “Good Morning”.

5 Comments on “A Glimpse of NYC in November”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    Autumn in New York
    Transforms the slums into Mayfair
    Autumn in New York
    You’ll need no castle in Spain
    Lovers that bless the dark
    On benches in Central Park
    Greet autumn in New York;
    It’s good to live it again

    — Vernon Duke

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  2. jeandeberg says:

    The American Songbook has almost as many lovely lines as Shakespeare.

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    • dievca says:

      Your comment brought me to this:


      • jeandeberg says:

        Lady G, Tony B. and Cole Porter — a threesome well over a century in the making and well worth the wait! And the tenorman has some chops of his own! I notice the album (if they’re still called that) consists entirely of Cole Porter tunes, attesting to both artists’ great taste. This song, btw, written in 1930 for a musical called “The New Yorkers” (certainly a perfect title!) was considered very risque ninety-odd years ago and was banned from most airplay for years after. My mom and dad, many, many years later during my childhood, loved the song, but always sang/spoke of it with a Python-esque wink and a nudge .


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