Christmas curmudgeon

dievca is NOT feeling it.

Normally she embraces the Holidays and decorates at the beginning of December.  The tree is in storage, the decorations are in storage, the Christmas Cards for the tips are not done, she is NOT motivated…

Except friends are coming over for dinner and they have children. Tomorrow morning, dievca will schlep her a** to storage and dig everything out, then clean house and set-up the Christmas decorations before making dinner.


NOT motivated.

Pick which Christmas Curmedgean fits….

4 Comments on “Christmas curmudgeon”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    More often than not, Krampus has infused my holiday moods over the years. If I might make a suggestion for your Yuletide entertainment: a wonderfully dark and little-noticed movie from about ten years ago (it played in theatres here — back when there WERE theatres here — for about twenty minutes) called “Rare Exports.” Set in Lapland in dead of winter, it’s a chronicle of what happens when an American oil company comes prospecting and inadvertantly releases Krampus (who apparently is ten feet tall and has a reputation for eating children) from the subterranean cavern he was imprisoned in hundreds of years ago. May your Christmas be merry and may 2022 FINALLY bring us all some good.

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  2. jeandeberg says:

    More outrageous than frightening.

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