Even if you ARE hosting a NYE party…what part of “no”~

rooballs red kangaroo balls bottle opener

Yes. Yes, it is what you think it might be. Yes, there is a whole website dedicated to this animal part harvested and processed in accordance with the Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulations. www.rooballs.com

dievca was doing a gentle wander around the after Christmas sales and ran into this on the Huckberry website.  she didn’t believe it until she looked up the “brand” RooBalls!.

kangaroo-opponentIf someone can explain the appeal for any of the products – deivca would be grateful. (i.e. yesterday was Boxing day and Kangaroos can box…) Please note that she is always up for someone being able to make a $, Australian or otherwise, she just feels these products may be a reach. OK, obviously not.

dievca will be moving on to having that Christmas cookie with wine now…XO

7 Comments on “Even if you ARE hosting a NYE party…what part of “no”~”

  1. That’s a hard limit right there.

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    • dievca says:

      XO – I always find the process of designing something interesting. What prompted this creation? Did someone get a grip and say, “Wow! this could create amazing leverage for popping off a beer bottle top”

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  2. jeandeberg says:

    The Land Down Under — where the women roar and the men chunder. Advance, Australia Fair!

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    • dievca says:

      Now I have that song stuck in my head….did one of the musicians become a politician and then retired to play music, again? Maybe I am mixing my Australian bands…


  3. Good heavens… !
    I’m with you on the wine and cookies, tho. 🥰

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