Up for a chat and coffee?

Coffee chatdievca has learned something about the people she considers close friends.  When the shit hits the fan, they connect the first day – and then they check-in on the second day.  It’s very interesting to watch.
dievca thought about it, she checks in, too.

The question is – when dievca really loses it 3 months, hence – will those people mind stepping in a second third time?   Probably, that’s what good friends do~

Watch – it will happen to you.

6 Comments on “Up for a chat and coffee?”

  1. Been very absent, but am here.

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  2. Just looking in after quite a while and read your sad news.
    Kind thoughts and much empathy to you.
    Thoughts in our house have also been about our parents lives at the anniversary of their passing.

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    • dievca says:

      I am sorry to hear about your parents, too. I think if the memories live on – they live on. I am meeting family at the end of the month to clear out their house. We are making it a celebration of Nanna and PapPap. Should be fun. XO


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