Help? Did my body grow?


Look – my personal body has grown due to past injuries and perimenopause – I don’t need my Blog wire body image to grow….

If you have a moment and are stopping by the blog – could you let me know if that header image has grown larger for you, too?

Thank you!

your dievča

4 Comments on “Help? Did my body grow?”

  1. No change at all darling, you are still your most gorgeous self!

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    • dievca says:

      Whew! Thank You! on my screen the “logo” is taking up half of the screen before I get to the post – but I need to switch to a new computer and haven’t done it yet. As for my personal body? I’m working my way back to dance classes! How your Tango going? XO


  2. It does appear slightly larger to me – but not much!
    I enjoy your blog very much, and also the exquisite clothing and accessories you have.

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    • dievca says:

      Thank you – my computer needs replacing and I haven’t done any upgrades, so I think my views are deteriorating…. Might have to bite the bullet and move to that new computer I bought (dragging my behind). XO d~


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