Feelin’ the Funk on a Tuesday

Express Yourself” was written by Charles Wright and performed by Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

One Comment on “Feelin’ the Funk on a Tuesday”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    Speak! Memory! I am, almost certainly, the only one among your readers to own a copy of the 12-inch vinyl LP on which this song first appeared. Complete with an original price sticker still attached: “$2.98, Jordan Marsh.” In those days I worked for a time in a bookstore in Harvard Square which was open most nights until 2 AM (hey, it was Harvard Square! lots of scholars and in those days lots of speed!) and on warm Saturday nights in summer, the place was usually packed with people coming from and going to the movie theaters, restaurants, bars and music venues found in the surrounding streets. Our in-store “sound system” was an original KLH Model 12 FM/stereo radio and on the stroke of midnight every Saturday, an R&B/funk show called “The Ghetto” on the MIT station would come on air. It’s theme was, unsurprisingly, Donnie Hathaway’s wonderous, ominous, utterly infectious song of the same name (“Friday nights, y’all. Crap games. Everythang is everythang.”) often followed by that same recording of “Do Your Thing.” People would literally be dancing in the aisles of the store to them. On hot enough nights, the terpsichorial revel would sometimes spill out the door and onto Brattle St. outside. The past has another pattern. And occasionally it’s a good one. Thank you for this.


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