Coffee Percolators – does anyone know?

dievca’s Dad and Mom grew up poor, so when Dad started to make a bit of money he wanted to try all kinds of activities that he associated with people who had a bit more money – tennis, bridge, etc.   Both of dievca’s parents ended up playing tennis for a long time, but only dievca’s Mom got into Bridge.

she was a demon at it

bridge-player-gift-cardsBridge players play weekly or more.  Depending on how many tables are going – each participant will host a Bridge Party monthly or bi-monthly.  These hostings would include food or a meal.  And in dievca’s Mom’s case – lunch could be a Waldorf Salad or Phyllo dough individual Chicken Pot Pies.


General Electric Coffee PercoatorCoffee service was involved.

dievca’s Mom used a percolator and she always said the coffee was considered excellent. So, dievca was looking for the percolator when she closed up her Mom’s house and never found it.  she thinks it might have been a General Electric version.

Does anyone have any experience with an electric percolator – vintage GE in particular?

4 Comments on “Coffee Percolators – does anyone know?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That picture brings back a few memories of my parents’ breakfast table!

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    • dievca says:

      My Dad was meticulous with keeping small appliances in good condition so I’m surprised the percolator disappeared. It does trigger a memory or three! XO


  2. I only use an electric percolator. It keeps coffee hotter than any other method. Mine is a Farberware. Here’s a tip: cut round circles of paper towels to use as a filter. This keeps the brew from being too bitter/acidic and you get less grounds in the pot. The very best coffee in the world is 100% Kona.

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    • dievca says:

      Thank you! I’ve been using paper filters for my regular coffee maker even though it has a basket – because the paper filter captures two coffee oils which raise LDL cholesterol levels.
      I was wondering if I could do that for a percolator, too.


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