What? No, I absolutely need PT

dievca finally saw her Orthopedic Surgeon after traveling.  Apparently, she arrived at the office after a number of older, non-athletic patients.  The Doctor was thrilled with his work and dievca’s range of motion, ability to walk, etc. He didn’t think she had swelling, but he didn’t bother to look at her other knee to compare either….  When he said, “I don’t think you need Physical Therapy”, dievca nearly jacked him up against the wall.

(Side note: we all know dievca as Master’s — this is an example of why dievca needs to “switch” modes to submissive.  Growing up with older brothers in a blunt family has taught her to stand up for herself – no problem.)

dievca was polite but emphatic that PT was in her best interests.
(“What f*cking planet are you on?” – was thought but not said.)

she got the script and started this week – her objectives being: getting the quadricep that atrophied to fire, getting the knee swelling down to be fitted for a custom unloader brace,  to be able to walk up and down stairs, to make sure both knees are working effectively.

Look, your dievca is amazing (sometimes) – but a PT will help (a lot).

Centipede physical-therapy-what-you-think

3 Comments on “What? No, I absolutely need PT”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Had ortho surgery on my left foot several years ago. An assembly-line procedure with patients being moved in and out on gurneys like cars in a crowded parking garage, complete with near-collisions and squabbles over vacant spaces. Woke up to overhear the surgeon discussing his golf game with the gas-passer. Literal hours-long waits to see him for follow-up consults even when on-time. Was told I’d be back on my feet (both of them) in a week or two. Took the better part of six months before I was. Half the battle with physical ailments is often the one you have with your doctor, it seems. On the other hand/foot/knee, a good PT is a gift from the gods. Hope yours is Apollo and Athena combined. Be well — soon.

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    • dievca says:

      The entry to surgery was very streamlined and not crowded. I never spoke the anesthesiologist after the sign-off, made me laugh when they sent a survey because I can say she didn’t explain anything. As for the Dr., he checked-in as I had the shivers from the “gas”. I got the feeling he was a bit annoyed that my “clean-up” had to include my kneecap because it was “bad”. Uh, sorry – I cracked and chipped my kneecap, that’s why I am here…..


    • dievca says:

      PS. How is you foot doing?


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