And they popped out…

Betty Boop

Blush Lingerie Grey Lace Sweetest Sin Lingeriedievca caught up with Master for their Anniversary.  she was keeping it simple with a Blush Lingerie “Sweetest Sin” Chamise. The only problem was it was a bit small on the top so her breasts were — lets say— a bit “unrestrained”.

It was a dievca disaster in the making except for fact that Master loved it!


2 Comments on “And they popped out…”

  1. jeandeberg says:

    An enduring — and wonderful — memory from my immediately post-college years was a similar unannounced special appearance at a small dinner party. The girl involved had been engaged in an animated discussion of — probably — the Vietnam war and with great aplomb simply stuffed herself back into her summer dress all the while hardly missing a syllable. I went home later that night with my faith in a benevolent deity at least temporarily restored. (Years later, Margaret Drabble put a very similar scene in “The Gates of Ivory.”)


  2. If only all the world’s disasters were so unfortunate.


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