Feeling a strong need…

to be Dominated.


The collar doesn’t lock,
but is forms a seamless tubular ring.

Turquoise thread, anyone? (a dievca Disaster)

So, dievca ended up picking the Oscar de la Renta dress and was planning to wear Proenza Schouler heels with a gray clutch.

Oscar de la Renta Turquoise Dress

When doing a last try-on with the proper Spanx underpinnings, dievca managed to put her thumb through a seam and she doesn’t have turquoise thread to fix it. Plus, the heels – any heels, were killing her knee.

So, back to the drawing board with flats in mind.

Alice + Olivia Dora Magenta Dress

Ivy Kirzhner Gardenia Sandals

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Gold Parka

Kenneth Jay Lane Collar

18K Gold Plated Cuff

14K gold studs

Tom Ford Sunglasses

And this is why dievca always surprises Master with her outfits…she is a Disaster.

Getting Prepared: San Francisco Umbrella Company

dievca’s had two umbrella’s go wonky this Spring and has used Master’s gift, but she needs another large umbrella for guests.   One of the brands she is looking at is the San Francisco Umbrella Company
Currently on sale for $29.95 with free shipping – looks like a good wet weather solution.



dievca picked up another pair of eyeglass frames in Europe, last summer.
she finally got the prescription lenses put in.  

Vanni v1106 c14 brushed turquoise Italy

Sporty~ changing it up.

Imagine her surprise when she put on her new backpack (note: a pen exploded in the orange backpack…) for the morning ride and was told that her new eyeglass frame color matched the backpack trim perfectly…

Patagonia Black Hole backpack 26L Strait Blue

Matchy/Matchy~ she’s not sure how she feels about it. 

What is your opinion?

The ‘Louis Vuitton’ submissive~

If you are looking to up your BDSM elegance game
you and your Madame/ Sir  are label conscious:

(click photo to purchase)

Maybe the designer locks on your collar and cuffs are not enough, you can add the Louis Vuitton Baxter collar and lead. (note: you need to have a thin neck, max circumference 11.4 inches/29 cm) The collar and lead are about $300+ each.

Market Day!

This over-sized backpack, with leather straps and metal buckles, will go everywhere with you!  Stylish on dievca’s bike rides, jaunts to the Farmer’s market, and efficient at the beach!  Hand woven from palm leaf, if the bag gets wet if you let it thoroughly dry in the sun.  Sturdy and long-lasting weave. 14 inches x 18 inches Made in Morocco

Maybe the belting will make you think dreamy thoughts!

Medina Mercantile offers housewares and bags which are woven or carved.  The items are made in Morocco or the USA. Rustic Elegance.

Looking forward to Summer!

Conch shell? Alf’s Nose or a …..

Sephora: Morning rituals become more exciting!

Sephora Orange Crush Make-up blender. (click photo to buy)


Review on Sephora                                                     3 d ago
these are not just for makeup
I am in love with these sponges. The color in person is beautiful and the shape makes it easier to blend concealer for me. But really…. the idea of them excites me. Can’t say I wouldn’t buy them again for multiple uses not stated in the description. I can use them on-the-go, wash and gently squeeze them, and they’re a very, very nice shape. Their shape is unique – conch shells? I would say something more suggestive. Also, I think the reviewer below me meant to say nipples, instead of ripples. Or little tiny you-know-what’s. Hehehe.

More reviews for the sponge on Sephora’s site: “Great sponge but why orange? Sephora should have gone with light and dark skin tone shades, for obvious reasons,” wrote one person. “Ummmmm, at least it’s circumcised????!!!” wrote someone else. A third person commented: “They’re cute. Ya’ll need some mind bleach, jeez,” although it’s unclear why they would suggest that.

Thanks to "the Cut" for the morning humor.