A complete blur…

dievca’s washed a lot of sheets and items of clothing these past few days.
All towards getting a sleeping schedule and meds correct. It’s still not down solid.
The all-encompassing Family challenges have taken their toll.

Normally dievca tries to start out the week with a bit of coffee happiness – on Mondays.
Apparently, her coffee post went out on a Sunday.

That doesn’t really matter in the big picture until dievca flies out on an early flight and needs to figure out which day of the week it was for work. she was thinking the Coffee post went out on a Monday – when it didn’t… then she panicked about which day it was~

It took brain dead dievca thirty minutes to figure out the correct day of the week.

dievca’s Parents are alive – maybe not kicking hard, but still kicking. dievca is not kicking it.

And sometimes a submissive gets lucky…

dievca grew up with a great family. she’s well-educated and has a great job.
she’s had and has a solid social life, no abusive partners, no financial issues.
It might seem like she is lucky, but she has worked hard for her World.

dievca doesn’t need to have a Dominant in her Life, but having one whom she trusts fully and can submit to has given her a chance to place a missing link.

Master would not state that He is stronger than His dievca.
He would state that their trust for each other is equal and that makes their power exchange fluid. They both want similar things out of their relationship.

Its the trust between a Dominant and submissive that needs to be strong.


Something of use — tissue control.

Tan Super Puff Coin Purse in Catalina (click photo to buy)

Spill your coffee?
Wipe your hand?
Leaky nose?

Ask dievca, she always has spare napkins on her.

Those napkins, paper towels, and tissues were shoved into the bottom of a bag – drifting around and disintegrating with daily friction.
Lost when needed….

dieca tried putting the napkins in a ziplock sandwich bag.


Then dievca found a vintage LeSportsac Tissue Holder:

Cute. But hard to use. Folding the napkins to fit? Too much work.
And the little bag got lost in the chaos of her backpack.

Finally, dievca discovered a great solution:

The Aritzia Tna Super Puff Coin Purse!
You can stuff napkins/tissues into it – any which way – and it attaches to the exterior of a bag with the clip. Anyone can grab a tissue without bothering dievca’s bag of tricks.

Something of use.

she works Hard for the $

It was a long, arduous Saturday.
Please refer back to Saturday’s post
for where dievca’s mind has stopped.
(Does anyone have wine and all-ready-made chocolate cake for dievca?)

after game analysis

Just so you are ready for next year~

It was a lovely Birthday Party!

Raquel Welch and Marcello Mastroianni during the filming of ” Shoot Loud, Louder… I Don’t Understand !” Shoot Loud, Louder… I Don’t Understand (Italian: Spara forte, più forte, non capisco)


But it makes for a slower Sunday Morning.
dievca sends love and coffee.

Getting back into the mode.

Jacques Biederer 1913

dievca and Master are getting back into the BDSM swing of things, dievca has cleared out her closets and is open to looking at Fashion, again. She is also starting to have BDSM Fantasies.

Perhaps you will see the fruits of her current mental state appear in her writing…
Might be fun.