looking back to smile

“Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.”

― Virgil, Eclogues. Georgics. Aeneid: Books 1-6

This encouragement was written on a wall, where I hope it remains today. The sense of the phrase is: Someday, we’ll look back on even this and smile.

Sophie Marceau, 2015 Cannes Film Festival


Disbelief~ (A Mishap)

When your $4.00 Cappuccino ends up on the floor upside down.
And all the caffeine has flowed out…
Hope you have a better morning than dievca.

It’s been awhile ~ (a dievca disaster)

dievca and Master have been immersed in Life.  Aging family members, young family members, guests visiting, work, etc.  That made for more traditional “daytime” outfits (work, downtown chic) with simple lingerie lying beneath.

So, when Master called at 7 am and said “I’ll be over in an hour.” dievca panicked.

Everything was tucked away from having guests visit.
she needed to dig for a corset, play collar, stockings, heels and a skirt, clean-up her body and make sure the apartment was tidy and the shower was clean.
Crazy Lady!

dievca was “on it” except for the skirt she wanted. she couldn’t find the easy answer. So, she grabbed the Daniel James London box. The box which contained her black latex hobble skirt. she knew it was going to be touchy without practice.

Master arrived 10 minutes early and walked through the door as dievca was all fumble fingers with the corset hooks. Until she realized she needed to put the high-waisted latex skirt on 1st and then the corset over it.

“Master, I’m out of practice – please give me a moment.”

A deep breath, a slow down of process and the pieces came together.

  • Floral Corset (red)
  • Latex Hobble Skirt, full zip (black – Daniel James)
  • Stay-Up Tights (nude – Wolford)
  • Stiletto Heels (flame – B. by Brian Atwood)
  • Anal plug (silver crystal)
  • Leather Collar (silver – Hartman Rose)
  • Leather Lead (silver – Hartman Rose)
  • Stud Earrings (silver)

Sort of…

dievca stepped out of the bedroom and Master was in His chair, waiting…and as dievca knelt to Master, she knew the latex skirt was about to become a “live, uncontrollable partner” in her offerings.

All went well with the offering of dievca’s lips and breasts, it went south with Master’s pussy and ass. Let’s just say the two-way zip on the skirt had a mind of its own. It wouldn’t re-zip and then the top waistband wouldn’t let go for removal, this was after the point that the corset was set over the top of the skirt and needed to be lifted up (remember the steel “whale bones” in a corset?) for the skirt to be removed.

After contortions, unflattering squishing, and a bit of embarrassment and laughter — dievca was set “free” in her corset, stockings and heels. Master decided to join her in the bottomless condition which offered a great deal more access and in dievca’s mind –  more fun. XO

What can dievca say? It’s been awhile~

masturbation for Master (a psuedo dievca disaster)

I couldn’t reach my toes. It wasn’t good.  Looking at my pussy was non-existent.
My focus was on walking without pain, 1st.
2nd, keeping the re-alignment,
3rd, creating free movement.

I got there.  It took a couple of weeks and slow movements and PT. But, I got there.

You came by to visit and check-on Your submissive and I wasn’t functioning well, but I was on the mend.

Well enough to ask for 3 minutes to change when You asked Your submissive to masturbate for Your pleasure.

Slicked back curls, red lipstick and…..
sex-and-the-city-shaving-legsOh, my – desperate Dear, I was someone who forgot she hadn’t been waxed for Master in 3+ weeks. I’m not Asian.

No time to find stockings.

Didn’t matter. Pride went out the window. Master was waiting.

I set the box of toys on Your right. You told me to choose.

Then You signaled for me to kneel and say my offerings, pulling the bra down to expose my nipples when I offered you my breasts. Pulling the panties aside to see how wet I was when I offered my pussy ~

I was more than ready for You to watch me masturbate when You told me to sit on the coffee table in front of You.

Holding Your eyes, with the Kimono draped around me, I opened my legs and placed one of the vibrators on top of the panties at my clit. Rubbing it lovingly and touching a nipple, I came.

With Your permission, I moved to the sofa and lay down spread open for Your view. I moved my panties to the side and inserted a vibrator and moved on it like Your Cock. You told me to remove my panties and You pulled Your Cock out of your pants and told me to do it again with Your Cock in my mouth.

Then You told me focus on Your Cock while Your fingers came down to play with my pussy, while pinching a nipple. After orgasming a couple of times, You told me to Present and came into me from behind while I leaned on the sofa.

It wasn’t the best position for either of us, so You turned me and pressed for me to kneel and suck Your Cock. After a time You orgasmed and I worked to swallow every bit of cum at Your command.

Cock Worship

As my mouth left, You came a second time.
Beautiful white beads of semen seeping from the tip.

I got up to bring You a warm washcloth to gently clean Your Cock and then we relaxed on the sofa, belly to belly – my nose nestled into Your chest. I was exhausted.

My body? Happy and in relatively good condition, except for those hairy legs and pussy.


Kudos to the Hairy Legs Club, but its not for dievca…

After two more PT sessions, I was able to move well enough to get my legs and pussy waxed.
For swimming, for feeling lighter and cleaner, but most importantly for my Master.

I realized that part of my protocol and pride is presenting for Master as the best submissive I can be. Yes, Life gets in the way – my attempts at perfection and Master’s appreciation are not necessary, but the process and consistency is satisfying in itself.

BTW, my legs look much better waxed amongst other things…



dievca is guilty of this… on the personal level.
The worse something gets, the quieter she gets…
or she hides behind babble about inconsequential things.
People don’t want to deal with angst, just Joy.

Then she explodes.
When that happens, it’s not pretty.

It comes from taking care of everyone else and putting her needs last.
If an opportunity for dievca to air out her issues arrives,
she panics and becomes tongue-tied.
The focus is rarely on her, so she doesn’t know what to do.

Because of that everyone assumes that strong dievca is fine…
she is just fine.

If someone would just take a moment to notice that dievca has asked for a meeting,
a conversation, or time…and they would be patient, a little pushy for more information and pay attention – they would notice that she’s hit her limit.

Instead, she walks away, simmers and explodes.

And it’s ugly.
Just ugly.

dievca’s dilemma

communication-breaking-downYou tell someone a piece of information and they base their expectations on that data. Then the data changes, but you don’t share the changes because you are in your own World.

So, it seems that on three different instances you have lied and you made no effort to hide the lies. Who is at fault?

Did you lie?
Does that person have a right to feel ill-used?

Or is it just miscommunication?
Or was the information held back on purpose, a Freudian Slip?

Does it become worse if that person needed you?
But what if they didn’t tell you, they needed you?

dievca’s dilemma.

Oktoberfest: what dievca saw…

OK, dievca is a little late to the Party (as always) and when she was traveling in Germany during September – she couldn’t figure out why people were dressed in their lederhosen and dirndl’s.


she thought that Oktoberfest ran through October…


It was Sept. 16th through October 4th.

So…her post is running late.

(BTW, she saw some excellent cleavage uplift…amazing)

Here are the items that made her smile. Something for next year.

Or a Presentation Outfit!


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