Tapping is Beautiful

You found me sniffing your shirt. Delighting in your smell.
“Put the shirt on, naked beneath, and come kneel before me.”

I did.
Happily surrounded by Master.

“Present your wrists and ankles.”
Master attached His cuffs to my limbs.

“Follow Me to the bed and lie in the middle.”
He gently stretched out my arms and legs to be attached to the bed frame.

Master touched my clitoris with his fingers and tapped it.
Then walked away.

I was aroused from wearing His shirt and being restrained.
So my clitoris was engorged and sensitive.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master came back after about 5 minutes and tapped my clitoris, again.
Then walked away.

I strained against the restraints towards Him.
My pussy begging for attention.

I didn’t orgasm

Master took His time and came back to tap my clitoris in a distracted manner.
My nipples and clitoris were hard with anticipation.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master took another 5 minutes before coming back,
I orgasmed before He touched me.

Afterward, He tapped my sensitive clitoris with His finger and walked away.

I waited and watched for Master’s return.
Nipples, clitoris at attention.

Master came back naked and crawled on top of me.
Tapping my clitoris with the head of His penis.

I squirted.
“Good Girl”

Then Master made His move to fit His penis into my mouth.

It was an awkward angle, but enough Cock Worship
and to cause me to orgasm.
It caused Master to orgasm, too.

Tapping is a Beautiful Thing.


Hustle and Bustle, Running Around
Planning, Organizing, Executing
The greatest gift?
A moment of adoration.

Figuring it out~

March 1943 “New York, New York. Times Square on a rainy day” Photographer John Vachon

50 F (10 C)
Breeze blowing
Doors rattling

Breath Deep
Fresh Air
Aha! Moment

~the question is what to do with the new-found knowledge, does it help or hinder~

Yes, it still works well. (NSFW)

Cartoon still by Waltdizzny

A great article about what to expect from a Penis as it Ages – I love that it mentions options for keeping the pelvic muscles working – we hear this all the time as Women (Kegels), but I now know it is important for men, too.

GQ: How Kegels Will Change Your Sex Life

Sometimes it is about being Held and Heard~

Thank you, Master.

Photo: Jef Kratochvil and nude woman cropped.

Grace, Elegance, Lucidity: a submissive’s quest (repost)

If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?
~Shannen Doherty

Grace, Elegance and Lucidity
Perhaps your Dominant seeks to build an environment of grace, elegance and lucidity within the D/s relationship.

To that end (loosely based on Protocols from Robert J. Rubel, PhD):
• The submissive is responsible for identifying and employing ways of incorporating graceful movement into her presentation and style.
• The submissive is expected to have and to use high-level language skills. The submissive will use correct grammar and develop a vocabulary commensurate at ease with that of a person with a college degree.
• The submissive is responsible for learning a pleasing vocal tonality, to modulate her voice, and to enunciate words clearly.
• The submissive is responsible for being sensitive to personal dress and appearance at all times.

Sometimes being sensitive to personal dress calls for erotic elegance.

dievca suggests Agent Provocateur Baroness Slip (photo) or something similar.

It delivers Grace, Elegance and Lucidity in High Style.

Posted Oct. 21st, 2013

Pallets: Furniture with BDSM possibilities. (repost)

Originally posted on Sept. 3rd, 2014 — a Fan Favorite!
dievca’s #1 post, thanks to reblogging. XO

Pallet DIY

Where dievca’s mind goes~

dievca receives e-mail notices for a blog: http://www.ilovegreeninspiration.com

Marinella is an Italian Architect and Interior Designer and her blog scans fashion, interiors, lifestyle items, etc.

This post arrived in dievca’s inbox : http://ilovegreeninspiration.com/2014/08/23/pallets/

It was a post showing the use of Pallets as furniture.  Now, dievca is eclectic and could fit a Pallet piece in her Apartment, but it is not something that she would normally seek out….until she thought of the BDSM applications… dievca loves to be restrained by Master’s cuffs or chained by Master’s collar to a point in a room. Restraints could be connected to ALL theses pieces. Pallets have holes and slots available and some of the tables have wheels – they could be modular and moved. Very Interesting. A way to hide the BDSM oriented furniture and bring it out when needed. Stealth.

Let me offer some photos or take a look at Marinella’s post and see what you think.

The Bedroom:

pallet-bed-frame-for-bedroom pallet-bed-frame-or-bedroom pallet-bed-frame-plans (10) pallet-bed-frame-plans (1)


The Living Room:

Pallet-Furniture-furnitures-wooden-pallet-furniture-coffee-table-in-vintage-living-room-decoration-ideas-creative-wood-pallet-furniture-recycle-ideas Pallet coffee tables House Doctor DK Pallet ottoman



The Kitchen:

Pallet Wine Rack 64-Creative-Ways-To-Recycle-A-Pallet_52

Outside in the Fresh Air:

pallet-deck-furniture-9 Pallet_chauffeuse outdoors pallet-porch-swing-6 pallet-terrace-furniture-1 Pallet Hanging pallet-porch-swing-3 pallet- outdoor furniture-2

When the Kids are at Camp:

Pallet Play House

And when serving a cocktail:



Could you imagine hosting a D/s party and the subs could be connected as the Doms / Dommes go about their business — released to serve and then connected, again? Perhaps on display?

As dievca was scanning the photos, all she could think of was “Maybe Master would connect me here, put my hands up there, spread me out completely, wrap me around, bend me over” – OK, you get the idea. The Good News is some of these products can be purchased or if you or your Sir/Madame is handy — an inexpensive DIY project.  The padded pieces of furniture look to be more comfortable but perhaps pain, humiliation, or exhibitionism is part of your process — again, dievca thinks you can see the options.

dievca prefers the outdoor pieces. she is not an exhibitionist but would love to be connected to or spread for Master in the fresh air. Played with or left alone as He desires. she loves that there are many ways to be attached without killing the furniture and the padded portions offer Master comfort outside as he works, ignores or focuses on dievca.