What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach

You are the butterfly.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen SS2011, "Butterfly Dress"

Poker anyone? (or Bridge?): Card Sharp

The Lady who is coming to help dievca’a Mother asked if her Mom had any hobbies. What came to mind is playing Bridge. dievca’s Mom was a killer at the Bridge Table, winning tournaments, hosting multi-table card parties, etc.

Most of the people who played Bridge with dievca’s Mom have passed away…they were some really lovely Ladies.

Thinking about Bridge or other card games, dievca ran into these:

Peep’s Paper Products Playing Cards
Editor’s Note
Ideal for a game of poker, this deck of cards by Peep’s Paper Products is blanketed in leopard print on the back for a fashionable kick while you play! Each card is specially design with Moda couture flair.

dievca wishes her Mom still played Bridge….she would love to buy these moda playing cards for her.  The Bridge group would have loved them. Sadly, the Moda Operandi exclusive Fasion playing cards sold out at $485! Whoa! You can buy a pack of NYC playing cards for $30 here: They ship free. XO

Saturday Saree Dreams

A sari, saree, or shari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent. that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards (4.5 m to 8 m) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

While women wear the sari, men may wear a version of the wrapped garment called a dhoti. A daily garment worn by about 75 percent of the female population of India during the twenty-first century, the sari is one of the oldest known items of clothing that is still in use.

dievca is dreaming of:

Aishwarya Rai Designer Saree

Vidya Balan in a red Sabyasachi saree

Kajal Aggarwal Georgette Embroidered Designer Saree

But she figures Master will go for something much more simple,
which is just as stunning:

An excellent Presentation Outfit.

  • Kohled Eyes
  • layered Gold jewelry with Master’s Gold Collar as the base
  • Red Ruby Lips
  • sans Underwear

Maybe Master will wear a dhoti to make the meeting complete – or do a contrast with a suit.
Unwrapping should be fun! Something to look forward to~

A little bit of Give – Velvet with Aquazzura

Dealing with muscular thighs makes finding “Thigh-Hi and OTK Boots a Challenge…”
Why would dievca want them?
she has a memory from University days of a floormate from NYC with a stunning pair of black thigh-hi boots in black leather (mid-1980’s) Those boots have sat in her memory banks forever.
dievca did get a pair of Alaia black boots that worked, but the wedge isn’t quite “in” anymore…
dievca tried the Stuart Weitzman Highland Suede Boots and there wasn’t enough give….


Soft to the touch, stretchy and sexy.

A lovely option for presenting in black lingerie or a black dress.

Aquazzura Thigh-Hi Velvet Essence Boot in Cranberry. dievca’s choice.

Shameless: Suitsupply and Carli Hermes, Something for Master. (repost)

Published on 1/25/2014 – dievca’s 2nd most popular post…

Suit Supply Shameless-III-campagne-voor-2010Suitsupply is a men’s fashion brand founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong in Amsterdam. Suitsupply is a vertically integrated company with stores in the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and China. They are known for choosing unconventional retail locations where they sell both ready-to-wear (starting at $350) and ‘cut-to-the-bone’, where suits are made off-site after measurements are taken at 70 different points around your body.

You’d expect a Dutch company to have fairly liberal attitudes and Suitsupply is well-known for their risqué photography and advertising campaigns.  Carli Hermes (1963, Schijndel) has shot all the Suitsupply campaigns since 2004. He is one of the best photographers in the Netherlands. His photographs are enticing, exciting, confrontational and alienating. The photos are edited so that they evoke the feeling of a surreal dream, a dream of perfection.

Some of the Suitsupply campaigns have caused a stir, such as Shameless, Ambition and Not Dressing Women. Four photos from the Shameless campaign had to be removed from Suitsupply’s website after a ruling by the Belgian advertising standards authority in which they criticized the photos for portraying the woman as a sex object and/or as submissive to the man.

For Suitsupply’s latest campaign, Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, Charles Ebbets‘ photographs were a source of inspiration and the images were shot against the skyline of New York.

Say what you like about the implication that wearing a great suit gets you a hot woman – something that dievca would never dream of suggesting – but she is strangely moved to ask Master if he would be interested in buying something from Suitsupply.

Thank You to Maggie Carpenter for a post that inspired dievca.
Please check out her blog: Maggie Carpenter – Author of Elegant Erotica 

SUIT-SUPPLY peeking SuitSupply nude reflection suitsupply-shameless-blond suitsupply-shameless-hiding suit-supply-shameless coffee suitsupply-home-nudes suit supply backs suitsupply-shameless-bottom suitsupply-shameless-bra SuitSupply_Shameless_breast SuitSupply_Shameless car suitsupply-girders

Alyx F/W 2017: Channeling BDSM Mainstream

dievca loves to be connected.
O-Rings, D-rings, Leather and Chains don’t speak “Ladylike”,
but they call to the deep-seated desire of dievca’s D/s.
Wearing an outfit of ALL these pieces would be heavy,
but having an accent piece here or there would be divine.

Hmmm, what would Master say?


With over a decade of experience in the streetwear, music, and art industries, Been Trill co-founder and frequent Nick Knight collaborator Matthew M. Williams launched his womenswear label Alyx in 2015.


PARIS, MARCH 3, 2017
“Aggressive elegance” was what Alyx designer Matthew Williams was thinking for Fall. Given he’d been looking at the underground fetish scenes of Berlin, it wasn’t surprising that he was led to a dark, dark vision, replete with black leather, substantial studding, and silver rings hanging here, there, and everywhere—rings that, while looking innocent enough hanging from a jacket or shoe, are actually used to hoist you skywards to do whatever you do in a Berlin fetish club at four in the morning. The question is, of course, whether aggressive elegance is really what any of us want right now, especially when you consider the world is shockingly heavy on the former and all too sadly light on the latter. On the other hand, we live in dark times. Maybe a look that’s almost entirely denuded of the soft and romantic feels more real and true than a dewy-eyed, rose-tinted prettiness that could feel disconnected from the world. I guess your answer to that really depends on whether you’re a sadist or a masochist at heart.
Of course, the accoutrements and codes of the S&M world have lashed the fashion world more times than a dominatrix doing her job with the business end of a cat o’ nine tails. Yet Williams had the smart sense to consider how to make it less expected. There was a good use of a silver silk lamé here: as a collared, waisted dress, or as the panels on a nifty oversized army sweater. And given that Williams worked as a creative director with the likes of Lady Gaga and Kanye West, he has a pretty sharp eye for a cool and convincing detail. Consider those aforementioned rings, which were strapped to a shoe or a boot and would be great worn with this coming fall’s oversized coat plus short dress proportion shift. And his reworking of a German police jacket, with its shrug-it-on ease and capacious and plentiful pockets, looked simply and straightforwardly desirable. You wouldn’t have to twist anyone’s arm—or anything else, for that matter—for agreement on that.


A disaster or a treat?

dievca raced out of work early to get to the Ballet.
Grabbing her ticket at “Will Call”, she had enough time to get a glass of Champagne and a ChocoLove Raspberry/Dark Chocolate bar.

As she sat in the lobby for a 5 minute gulp, she looked around at the people who were dressed up for the ballet.


But not dievca.
she barely made it from a bike ride and the subway.

Her plumage was practical:


It was ok, she was hidden on the side of the 4th floor peanut gallery.

The 5:00 am work start that morning had dievca nodding off during the first two pieces. she wondered how she would make it through to the final piece she wanted to see.

After intermission, falling asleep wasn’t problem. The brutal ballet “Odessa” about Jewish Organized Crime after the Russian Revolution kept her awake. Set to the fabulous music from a Russian movie, “Sunset”, the choreography was intense and amazing. Some of the critiques called out the “gang rape scene” (NYT’s Article) But, history isn’t always pretty. It was the telling of a story.

Sterling Hyltin, thrown into the air by male dancers in a scene of violence on the opening night of “Odessa,” at New York City / THE NEW YORK TIMES Andrea Mohin

The last piece was what dievca went to see, “The Times Are Racing” , and she enjoyed that the couples pairings changed for the final performance. Boy-to-Boy instead of Girl-to-Boy (the Girl did a kick-A** job in the tap dance piece). But, she was still stuck on the stunning one-two punch of Odessa and that remains the surprise winner in her mind.

Although dievca loves to dress up, sliding out into the night with her hiking boots wasn’t a disaster. dievca decided that champagne, chocolate, ballet and being comfortable make for an excellent evening by herself.