Stealing from the Boys…

With the Gloomy Weather dievca had picked up a packable anorak from the Gap.
It’s not super ladylike,
but it’s been useful and a the print is a conversation starter.

GapFit Hybrid Pullover Anorak MSRP $79.95

dievca bought a Men’s small and it goes over layers.
The anorak is on sale at for $49.95 and possibly an extra 40% off –
but there is only size XL left online.
You can check availability for other sizes at stores, on the site.

Maybe that would work for you or someone you know?
If dievca bought it for Master, it would be too matchy-matchy…right?

Click on the photo for the link.

Is Master on to something?

Master has turned in His French Press for……


Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD. Chemistry invented the Chemex in 1941. He developed more than 300 product patents while in pursuit of making everyday objects more functional, beautiful, and pleasing to use. As a chemist, he had a strong understanding of coffee extraction which allowed him to apply his pursuit to coffee-making. Made from non-porous borosilicate glass and utilizing bonded paper filters the Chemex brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. (Doesn’t it look like an Erlenmeyer Flask?)


The Chemex company website makes the following claim: “The Chemex® coffeemaker, together with the Chemex-Bonded® Coffee Filter, makes perfect coffee. Clear, pure, flavorful and without bitterness or sediment every time.” Siting the use of the scientifically designed glass and proprietary filters, the Chemex brews a coffee with a distinct purity that allows it to be covered and stored in the fridge without losing flavor.

Should dievca give up her beloved French Press
and follow in Her Master’s Footsteps?

2Caffienated: Chemex vs. French Press Article

Oh, its stressing her out just thinking about changing….
and something that takes more time?

Sushi and Sudafed~

Master came over to spend time in my lovely apartment while I worked and we were planning to share Sushi and Sex when I came home.

We had sushi from Kiku.

Some pollen invaded through the windows after sundown and Master had an allergy attack.

I don’t really have allergies…I had saline solution for His eyes and went digging for anything that might resemble an allergy medicine. (Please note that Master just stopped getting allergy shots this year–after 25 years, otherwise, I would have been prepared.)
All the meds were out of their boxes…I looked up a few names and ended up giving Him “loratadine” (uhh, expiration 2008) Whew! It still worked! (don’t judge) And followed up with Sudafed.

Let’s just say that Master’s Eyes were like blue lasers because of the redness before He took a snooze.

It was strange but Peter Gabriel’s Laser Blue Eyes came to mind as I was cleaning up the sushi remains. This song just reminds me of Master. He’d laugh – my typical 80’s music, but this extended version is my favorite.  I remember driving in a beat up red 1979 Subaru with the windows down, rocking to this song on the cassette player.  I was too cool (and had no allergies….)


DAMN! Now my eyes are getting itchy~

Finding Joy in ALL Places~

“The more joy we have, the more nearly perfect we are. ~ Spinoza”

Photo: dievca NYC 02/2015

Ah, Master…

…You’ve done your submissive in.

Photo: Marilyn Monroe "A Good One" by Jeffery Yarber


Would your Sir go for them?

Acne Studio Men's Shoes - Manson Stud Black Beige


Gustave Adolphe Désiré Crauk, Le Combat du Centaure, 1900. Photo: 1971 Robert Doisneau

Walk side by side,
listening and sharing.

Gain strength with skin to skin contact,
comfort through olfaction.

If one cannot regroup via travel,
traveling though the mind helps.

Look at beauty with someone close.
Dream through their eyes.

If that is not possible,
just remember you are loved.

Photo: Robert Doisneau, Sidelong glance, 1948