Serving it Fresh

As a submissive, serving comes in many different guises.
(Serving something fresh and healthy shows Master that His dievca cares.)

  • Cherry Tomatoes from dievca’s cousin’s garden
  • Mushrooms – fresh
  • Orange Bell Pepper
  • Avocado
  • Basil from dievca’s fire escape
  • Pasta
  • Parmesan cheese,  grated by hand
  • Vinaigrette
  • (you could add tuna or chicken for protein)

How do you serve your Sir or Madame to show you care?

Tiki Time

(1950’s Household Kink: presenting for your Sir/Master/Madame)

dievca was cutting a pineapple to share with Master and the idea for becoming a Pineapple Princess and pulling from Tiki Culture flashed through her head.

Pineapple Princess, 1939

Cue the Annette Funicello:

(click record to play)

The advent of Tikidom can be traced back to a man named “Don the Beachcomber”, aka “Donn Beach”, aka “Donn Beach-Comber”… or, less interestingly, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. Gantt was a Texan born in 1907, but he knew there was a whole world outside the steak-scented borders of the Lone Star State, so he traveled to the rum-scented Caribbean and South Pacific and learned a lot about how to chill on the way.

When Don returned to the States, he wanted to emulate the laid-back times he experienced in the tropics, so he opened the world’s first Tiki bar, Don the Beachcomber, in Los Angeles in 1934. People — including celebrities — flocked to the bar for its escapist ambiance, potent-but-tasty rum cocktails, and exotic cuisine (which was actually slightly modified Cantonese food, but still — not very typical for the times).

Also in 1934, “Trader” Vic Bergeron opened a similar bar in Oakland (originally called Hinky Dinks, but changed to Trader Vic’s in 1937) that also drew crowds for its Polynesian-themed drinks and food. Because of its success, Vic was able to open more locations in places like Seattle and Hawaii (before statehood!). A fad was developing.

During World War II, Gantt was deployed, so his wife took over management of the bar and expanded it into a chain with 16 locations. Tiki culture — inspired by the art, style, and attitudes of Polynesia — became huge in America during the 1940s and ‘50s, and fueled the two chains’ success even more, because people wanted to experience a time away from work and stress.

Tiki bars fell out of the public eye for a while between the ‘60s and ‘90s, but experienced a resurgence thanks to a few dedicated Tiki acolytes, who started up bars based on the original Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s.

Your typical Tiki cocktail is a mix of light or dark rum, flavored syrups, and tropical fruit juices — which is essentially the recipe for the Mai Tai (rum, orange Curacao, syrup, lime juice), the first Tiki drink to have widespread popularity after it was (allegedly) invented by Trader Vic in 1944.

1 oz amber rum
1 oz dark rum
1 oz fresh lime juice
½ oz orgeat syrup
½ oz Cointreau
1 sprig of fresh mint and a piece of a pineapple

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker except the mint and pineapple. Shake and strain into a high ball glass filled with ice. Garnish with the fresh mint and pineapple, you can float some extra dark rum on top.

Rumor has it that the umbrellas were originally developed as a way of keeping the ice in a drink cold on a warm day out on the beach. They were popularized by Trader Vic in the 1930s, and caught on from there. 

Information is condensed and modified from an article by Adam Lapetina a food/drink staff writer at Thrillist

You could go with a range of clothing for your Sir or Madam, from grass skirts, no top with leis or more 1950’s Household Kink with a retro dress or Hawaiian shirt in a kitschy pattern. dievca was hooked on being a Pineapple Princess when she ran into these dresses from Loco Lindo:

Can you imagine serving your Sir or Madame a Mai Tai on their arrival home and kneeling to offer them fresh pineapple from the husk. Perhaps a little 1950’s/1960’s beach music in the background. And an interesting tie bikini or swimsuit trunks under your kitschy 1950’s Print dress/top. Could be a lot of innocent, or a little more, risqué Fun!

Just because…
dievca would like to offer some sweet and innocent items she ran into while researching being a Pineapple Princess and Tiki Culture — who knows maybe the onesies would be of use after creating an excellent Cosplay moment + 9 months. XO

Disneyland History – Enchanted Tiki Room

Fetish? All in your definition…

1. a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

dievca and Master have had talks about BDSM and fetishes.
dievca made the statement that she loves to be connected, via a chain or restraints and she thought that the desire for connection was a “fetish” (there is even a flag below)

Master disagreed.
Master’s definition of a fetish comes from past submissives He connected with along the way. His point was that being chained was not “needed” by dievca. Being restrained was not necessary for the relationship to exist or proceed. It is just something dievca enjoys very much. But dievca really enjoys changing it up, too — she doesn’t need her restraints to “get off”. Master had connected with some people who had to do the same thing in the same pattern to be fulfilled.  It was not His thing.
“diversity, dievca, diversity” — hmm, maybe that is Master’s fetish…

These musings were prompted because dievca was looking up the date for the Pride Parade in NYC (June 25th, 2017 9:00 am) and a side bar on the website offered some flags:

Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products
Age Play Fetish Androgyne Fetish BDSM Fetish Bear Fetish Boi Fetish Boot Fetish
Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products
Drag Fetish Fat Fetish Feather Fetish Fisting Fetish Foot Fetish Freak Fetish
Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products
Mask Fetish Gay Goth Fetish Goth Fetish Intersex Leather Fetish Leather Eagle Pride
Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products
Leather Girl Pride Leather Queer Pride Long Hair Fetish Military Fetish Muscle Fetish Ownership Fetish
Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products Shop for Products
Puppy Play Fetish Rubber Latex Fetish Slave Fetish Switch Fetish Twink Fetish Watersports Fetish

Ciao! “(I am your) slave”


Ruth Orkin: American Girl in Italy

Ciao comes from the Italian dialectal term schiavo which means “(I am your) slave,” or more colloquially “your humble servant.” It ultimately finds its roots in the medieval Latin sclavus meaning “slave.”

So, without further ado, dievca says:

Master’s Shirt

I was waiting for you in the Sun.
After raiding your closet for the perfect Presentation Outfit.
Your shirt
Your smell
Your Collar
Your dievča

The weather of the day calls for conservative skies and a slight chance of grumpiness. (risqué)


Maybe. Not really. After falling into bed, getting up at 4:00 am is almost close to normal for me.

The trip was lovely. Catching up with old friends, having fantastic weather in London (uhh, no rain…really!), visiting old and new spaces. The flight home? meh~ Thank you for asking.

Master had family in town from afar. He was not available to take care of me.

So, I walked to work early in the rain (bike was in the shop) and came home to unpack.

dievca: Misty Rain 03/2017

Grey Weather, my Mother isn’t eating, Grumpy. Needing to Orgasm.

Text to Master and His reply: “Go ahead, d.”

“The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it.” — Truman Capote

In a grey T-shirt which says, “Caffeine Fix” and black Victoria Secret Panties, the first orgasm involved:

Lube, fingers, a towel and 10 seconds. Blink and you would have missed it. Obviously it had been too long and very much-needed.

I fell into a doze afterward.

Waking up after the snooze, I decided to try again.

The second orgasm was going take a bit more work so it was time to gather my favorite two vibrators and Master’s ball gag.

Putting on Master’s gag made me feel mindful about Master and how he loves to see me drool.

I laid down on my belly and inserted the long vibrator into my pussy with a pulsing vibration.  Raising my ass in the air slightly, I took the small vibrator and turned it up to a power steady rate and placed it on my clit. Closing my legs together, I pressed and thrust lightly onto the vibrators, the setting was as much as I could handle without falling into orgasm immediately.

Dancing on the edge of orgasm, I sucked on the ball gag like it was Master’s cock, drool dripping on to the towel underneath my body.

And went over the edge.

5 minutes later, I was up and cleaning the toys — with thoughts of getting things done.

My suitcase looked at me, but I needed to ice my foot. While icing, I decided to write about my orgasms – hoping to inspire someone with the sharing.

And as this post was developing, I was still horny and felt that a third orgasm was within reach.  I removed the ice from my foot and collected the clean vibrators and added an anal plug to the mix. The pussy vibrator causes the anal plug to vibrate, too — creating a delightFULL feeling.

Spreadeagled on the bed, I let the pussy vibrator press on the anal plug then played with my clit by hand and small vibrator.  The strongest setting with light touches teased me into feeling like I was going to squirt, but the towel was there to catch any fluids.

Nothing close to coming, but a feeling of contentment for about 3 minutes until I placed the vibrator more fully on my clit. With my hips gyrating and the feeling of squirting upon me, I orgasmed a 3rd time and squirted a little in the process.

Lounging on the bed, but realizing that time was really pressing, I needed to clean-up the toys, unpack and get back to my work items.

But, it was lovely to have multiple orgasms and share them with you.


The warm Spring weather is enticing…


Master wanted to put it to good use.