Its been a long time ~

1930's Elegant Nightgown Pattern

since dievca has worn a sweeping Nightgown for her Master. This 1930’s Elegant Nightgown Vintage Pattern would be lovely to recreate.  Too bad dievca doesn’t have a sewing machine. She’ll just have to wear something vintge-like from her lingerie closet (Mary Green Silk Nightgown in Red):

Mary Green Silk Satin Burnout Gown Red

Waiting Patiently~

Dorthy Lee and Thelma White New Years Eve 1930s

For the Clock to Strike Midnight!

Ruffles to be ruffled – lingerie

verb (used with object), ruf·fled, ruf·fling.

verb (used without object), ruf·fled, ruf·fling.



1250–1300; Middle English ruffelen (v.); cognate with Low German ruffelen to crumple, rumple; compare Old Norse hruffa to scratch

to make a clean breast of it = avouer la vérité

Some things are lost in translation…

Le Massosein. In: Le Figaro Illustré, Mai 1935.

Le Massosein. In: Le Figaro Illustré, Mai 1935.

Toute femme devrait avoir chez elle Le Massosein.

Toute femme devrait avoir chez elle Le Massosein.

During sex?
After sex?

After Breastfeeding?
A massage?

dievca wonders….

Dancing Lingerie with Ginger Rogers

“I enjoy having a fabulous amount of nice lingerie.”
~Ginger Rogers

dievca’s favorite quote from Ginger Rogers:

There’s a verse in the Bible:
‘Those who are barren have more children than those who give birth.’
There are young people all over the world who come to me for advice and love.
I have all the children I can handle.

The final photo is a custom Corset/Garter Belt from Ginger Rogers which sold on 1st Dibs.



Sometimes you need to check in with your feelings.
Do you ever wonder what your Sir or Mistress is feeling?