Trying something NEW!

dievca is still working on beating the heat and that calls for Iced Coffee in the morning.
dievca is trying out a Growler of coffee from Gregorys Coffee NYC…
She’ll let you know!


Looking forward!

Graphic: Bill Randall "Lingerie Change"

Decisions, decisions…

Catch a peek! Slips~ (lingerie)


Remember wearing half slips instead of Spanx?  In particular, wearing slips in the 1980’s for the midi-skirts?  Trying hard to make sure that your slip didn’t peek out. Though a slip peeking is one of the sexiest visions, especially from under a pencil skirt.

A waist slip, sometimes called a “half slip“, is held on to the body around the waist with an elastic waistband. Waist slips come in different lengths; some extend down to the upper thigh, some to just above the knees, or just below the knees, while others go down to just above the ankles. Waist slips that extend down to just above the ankle are often called “formal”, or “maxi” slips. “Mini slips” are yet another size option for waist slips. They were first introduced in the 1960s to wear under a mini skirt.

Half Slips come in a variety of fabrics that allow for “slippage” – silky and slick, the slips are not allowed to catch the fabric of the skirt. 50/50 nylon/polyester, 100% Nylon, 100% Silk, etc,

Ulla Johnson Fringe Gia Sweater Dress $390 Miel

Slips are often worn to prevent the show through of intimate undergarments.

A slip may also be used to prevent a silhouette of the legs showing through clothing when standing in front of a bright light source.

(dievca ran into this with Ulla Johnson Sweater Dress, presenting for Master) 

Other uses for slips are to make a dress or skirt hang properly, the prevention of chafing to the skin, to protect the outer garment from damage due to perspiration, or for warmth, especially if the dress or skirt is lightweight and thin. In very warm and/or humid climates a slip made from 100% cotton may be desired.

And sometimes slips are made to be seen!

We can always leave it with the Freudian Slip:


A Toast!

Markus Lupfer Kate Embellished T-shirt $215

To dievca’s new apartment, using her mid-century modern glassware:

Holmegaard ‘Canada’ cocktail glasses by Per Lutken

Champagne Glass

Will you join her?

(said breathlessly) “Coffee….Master?”

“Have a wonderful Monday”

Myrtle, Myrtle where’s your Girdle? (lingerie)

A Girdle is a type of foundation garment. A lightweight undergarment, worn especially by women. The garment can be partly or entirely made of elastic, or boned, to help support and give a slimmer appearance to the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.

Girdles were considered essential garments by many women from about 1920 to the late 1960s. They created a rigid, controlled figure that was seen as eminently respectable and modest. They were also crucial to the couturier Christian Dior’s 1947 “New Look”, which featured a voluminous skirt and a narrow, nipped-in waistline, also known as a wasp waist.

Historically, the girdle extended from the waist to the upper thigh. Constructed of elasticized fabric and sometimes fastened with hook and eye closures, a girdle is designed to enhance a woman’s figure. Most open-bottom girdles looked like short fitted skirts. In the 1960s, these models fell from favor and were to a great extent replaced by panty girdles, which resemble a fitted pair of athletic shorts. Both models of girdles may include suspender clips to hold up stockings.

In the late 1960’s, pantyhose replaced girdles for many women who had used the girdle to hold up their stockings. Those who wanted more control purchased “control top” pantyhose.

Girdles and “body shapers” are still worn by women (and Men) to shape their figure with a garment. Some of these garments may join a brassiere, becoming functionally the equal to a corset. However, they do not use boning and hence do not produce the constricted waistline characteristic of Victorian-era corsets.

And the traditional short girdles do still exist:

Here’s the one Master hasn’t seen dievca wear, yet:

Dita von Teese Leopard print open girdle with clips