Leaving my heart with you…

Photo: dievca  Graffiti 05/2017 Brooklyn

…while running back to help my Parents.
Just call me Wonder dievca!
(wink, wink)


An expensive Gyro

  • dievca tests out various presentation outfits before connecting with Master. she’s had enough things fall apart when meeting with Him throughout the years.

    This process happens with new “outer” clothes, too.

    Black Crane Coral Classy Dress

    dievca wore this dress while shopping, with:

    Anya Hindmarch Earl Valentine

    Michael Kors Collection Violet Shoes

    Ed Sullivan Theater

    she was starving and bought a lamb gyro. After sitting in the sun, on the fire hydrant in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre (the Late Show) ummmm, let’s just say that dievca’s new dress worked very well, but it needed a dry cleaning after she dripped red sauce down the front… That said, the Gyro was very good. Almost worth the dry cleaning fee — dievca was that hungry.

  • ~portabicchieri~

    former Tour De France champion Fausto Coppi

    dievca is talented on her bike, but Fausto Coppi will always have her beat!
    Considering he was an amazing Italian Cyclist who loved his espresso…

    dievca spills a good amount of coffee on her rides when she’s not using her travel mugs.
    This good looking Huffy Surfside Cruiser in a parking lot offered a solution.



    Fun Bike, right? $150.00 on Wal-Mart….but its the cup holder that captured dievca’s attention. Something she needs for her bike.

    A quest!

    doin’ it on the cheap — ok, inexpensive

    dievca’s favorite T-shirt happend to come from the sales rack at a Walmart. she bought it for around $2.80 and wore it to death (marled grey, fitted, red glitter writing about cowgirls – the tee was channeling a Madonna-vibe in the late 1990’s).

    That said, dievca keeps her eyes open for inexpensive gems. Not to throw them away as “Fast Fashion”, but to be open to items for a Hi/Lo stylish feel.
    Visual interest.

    The temperature here in NYC is predicted to reach 88 F (31 C) on Monday.

    It’s time for a SUNDRESS!

    dievca found some inexpesive offerings that come in an array of colors.
    Prices range from $22.99 to $59.99 (click photos to purchase):

    H & M Dress with Tie Detail Sundress $69.99

    Angashion Women’s Dresses-Summer Floral Bohemian Spaghetti Strap Button Down Swing Midi Dress with Pockets Sundress
    from Amazon $22.99

    Apollo Box Button Front Sundress $14.99

    Midi printed dress – Women _ Mango USA Sundress $59.99

    ECHOINE Womens Summer Boho Beach Dress – Casual Spaghetti Strap Button Down Swing Midi Dress Sundress with Belt Pockets $24.99 Amazon Sundress

    Time and Tru Belted striped Sundress Wal-Mart $23.88

    Or you could go  the more expensive route and wear dievca’s favorite color which looks fabulous on you… and rotten on her:

    Levi’s Premium Yellow Sundress $298 (on sale $89.99)


    dievca figured out the presentation outfit

    And Master took it from there.


    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) in only sombreros!

    Would you like to meet up and eat a Taco?


    a prepared submissive

    ‘April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter,
    and the moment after, Weep thy girlish tears, April.’
    ― Angus Wilson, No Laughing Matter

    Make sure to carry that umbrella!

    A “Thank You” to the Muscleheaded Blog – click here to see where I found the photo!