Stop Sign Red + Leather + Corset = Trifecta

Jean-Claude Jitrois Red Leather Corset Jacket and Skirt Decades

♥ A little background music with Loverboy ♥

Corset suit by Jean Claude Jitrois
Circa 1987
Red leather suit
Long sleeve
Corset front closure
Two side pockets
Slight shoulder pad
Decorative seams
Boning in the jacket to create the shape
Winged waistband
Red leather skirt
High waist skirt
Zip and snapback closure
100% leather
Made in France

Size 40
33″ Bust
31″ waist
26.5″ length (from back center to bottom hem)
27″ waist
34″ hips
21″ length

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Anyone else do too many chores this weekend?

As today is the first Monday in October, it is National Consignment Day. The new holiday celebrates consignment as the smart, sustainable way to shop, earn money and extend the lifecycle of your items.

Right on time for dievca:

  • 26 items accepted to the RealReal
  • 4.5 bag loads sold at Buffalo Exchange
  • 5 bag loads donated to Goodwill
  • 8 items listed on eBay


  • Floors vacuumed and wiped
  • Bathroom heavy clean
  • Laundry loads
  • Pantry clearance and wipe down

Now, coffee!

Vintage 1984 coffee mug
(check the photo to buy)

Good Morning!


feeling drapey

With a bit of peek-a-boo.
A look dievca will be emulating for Master.

She’s a Fox – 1980s flashbacks and reunions

noun. an attractive person.
“She is quite the fox.”

A 20-minute flashback~
Return to the 1980s and the pain of being an early teenager finding out about Love and Life.
Plus, big hair and mullets. What’s not to like?

She’s a Fox is a 2009 semi-autobiographical short film written and directed by Cameron Sawyer.

dievca was intrigued by the video, because Master flew to the West Coast, yesterday, one of the reasons for the trip is His High School Reunion. He’s a different generation than dievca and she wonders what He will find.
Reviewing a past Life and seeing how people move on (or don’t move on) is fascinating to dievca.

dievca hit her 10 year High School reunion and 20-year reunion, she passed on the 30-year meet up.
10 years – everyone was trying to impress one another.
20 years – people had been kicked around, divorced, the images had tarnished.
Will dievca make it to 50 Years? Who knows?
Her parents are in the 70-year range…do they still have reunions at that point?

Enjoy the sweet video and keep your ears/eyes open about Master’s experience. XO

And she was~

Floating Girl by Jonathan Robrecht

A most beautiful friend died yesterday.
I got to see her, say “I love you” and hold her hand before she moved on.
I’m hoping that she was able to float out on the next plane, blissing out, losing her pain.

“I used to know a blissed-out hippie-chick in Baltimore,” recalled Byrne in the liner notes of Once in a Lifetime: The Best of Talking Heads. “She once told me that she used to do acid (the drug, not music) and lay down on the field by the Yoo-hoo chocolate soda factory. Flying out of her body, etc etc. It seemed like such a tacky kind of transcendence… but it was real! A new kind of religion being born out of heaps of rusted cars and fast food joints. And this girl was flying above it all, but in it too.”

Then as I thought about it more — I think that my friend would prefer to leave you with this:

Me? I’m firmly on the ground.

Working for the Weekend

Since dievca is finally (guiltily) taking a long weekend —
and she has worked for this weekend for a while….
This song has rolled around in her head.

The beginning of the video takes a fun look on how 
the”Get Lucky” album was named.
The second part is “Working for the Weekend”

dievca hopes the Canadian 80’s flashback
might make you smile. XO

Plug in. (and turn it up)

There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana, and the Dolce Boombox radio bag proves it with its functional battery-operated speakers. The playful design features a speaker jack on the inside which can easily be attached to your phone. Get ready to blast your favorite music, just like the 1980’s boombox that inspired it. There is an adjustable volume control, while the snake-skin trims add an extra touch of luxury appeal

  • material: Plexiglas®
  • trim: snake-skin
  • internal details: leather lining, hand-held mirror
  • color of fastening: silver
  • detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, top handle
  • turn-lock fastening
  • Made in Italy
  • protective feet
  • comes with dust bag
  • note: three AAA batteries not included
  • detail: internal speaker jack and external volume control
    • Height 14 cm-5.5″
    • Width 19 cm-7.5″
    • Chain length 7.5 cm-3″
    • Min. length shoulder strap 110 cm-43.5″
    • Max. length shoulder strap 125 cm-49″

Bring your own Presentation Music!

An 80’s Girl…

This bag makes dievca so happy…
Like…Oh, my God!

Sarah’s Bag is renowned for its eclectic designs, and this retro-inspired Walkman box clutch is a fine example of the covetable aesthetic. It’s crafted from postbox-red wood with a painted brass handle and leather lining, and printed with a cassette player design depicted in primary hues – note the nostalgic ‘mix tape’ lettering scrawled across it. Use it to bring a touch of fun to sleek separates.

Man-Sized Love

dievca has serious 1980’s moments….Master runs in a different generation, if you haven’t figured that out. Sometimes she puts the 80’s station and lets it roll with a hop, jiggle and giggle.

“Man-Sized Love” by Klymaxx came on and dievca was completely humored by the lyrics.  They lean towards describing a Dom.


Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal in Running Scared

The song came out in the movie “Running Scared” 1986 with Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal — the video for the song shows a clip of the movie. Two cops cruising the South-side of Chicago in a stolen/borrowed Mercedes and working to get seen.  The car phone is hilarious.

“Man Size Love” – Klymaxx

Ooh, yeah, yeah

Standing in the shadows
Calling out his name
Waiting for a love
Who wants to play my game
Baby, can’t you hear me?
Don’t you feel my fire?

I’ve got more than you can handle
All that you could want
Boy, you’ll be a winner
If you turn me on
Come and be my lover
Stay with me tonight

I want a man size love
Passion in control of my tenderness
Baby, won’t you hold me?
Sugar, can you show me what a man size love is?
Give me a king size kiss
Thrill me with the things that I understand
Can’t you see I need it?
Show me you’re a man size man

Anytime you’re ready
I’ll be waiting here
Longing for the magic
Of the night we’ll share
Wrap yourself around me
Baby, let me know

I’ve got dreams that I can give you
Arms to hold you tight
Sunshine in the morning
And the stars all night
Once I show you heaven
Boy, you’ll never let it go

I want a man size love
Passion in control of my tenderness
Baby, won’t you hold me?
Sugar, can you show me what a man size love is?
Give me a king size kiss
Thrill me with the things that I understand
Baby, can’t you feel it?
You can hold my heart in your hand
Give me a man size man

Man size man
Yeah, yeah, yeah

We’ll find a rainbow
Where we’ll go
And we’ll love the night away
Bring me your action
Of passion
Before it gets too late

I want a man size love
(Oh, bring me, yeah)
Passion in control of my tenderness
(I’ve been looking for you)
Baby, won’t you hold me
Sugar, can you show me what a man size love is?
(Can you show me what a man size love is?)
Give me a king size kiss
(Oh, bring it to me)
Thrill me with the things that I understand
Baby, can’t you feel it?
You can hold my heart in your hand
(You can hold my heart)
Give me a man size man

Man size love
(Oh, come on to me)
Passion in control of my tenderness
Baby, won’t you hold me
Sugar, you can show me what a man size love is
Give me a king size kiss
(Oh, baby, to me)
Thrill me with the things that I understand
(You know) [Note: most versions end around here]
Baby, can’t you feel it?
You can hold my heart in your hand
‘Cause you’re a man size man

Man size love
(Whoa, lookin’ for you)
Passion in control of my tenderness
Baby, won’t you hold me
Sugar, you can show me what a man size love is
Give me a king size kiss
(Oh, baby, to me)
Thrill me with the things that I understand…

Don’t get LIPPY with me!

dievca was an 80’s girl…

When dressing, if all else failed — red lipstick did the trick.
Saint Laurent apparently agrees~

Saint Laurent 80's Lipstick Earrings

Saint Laurent 80's Lipstick Earrings 2

Saint Laurent 80's Lipstick Earrings 3

Did you get a little “LIPPY” too, when you were a teenager?


Inside the Polaroid-dominated tome, Bertoglio gives a rare glimpse of candid moments with some of the period’s biggest names juxtaposed with stills of the nameless faces of the period’s nitty-gritty. This was a time of underground raves and when a prevalence of drugs created a frightening sense of community among struggling artists.

This was also the time when the country was introduced to some of those artists by the phrase:

Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!,”

Let the raw memories begin:

Polaroids Mama’s Bed, New York, 1984.Polaroids Kate, New York, 1977. Polaroids Ramona, New York, 1977. Polaroids Modern Sunglasses, New York, 1977. Polaroids Louise and Debi, New York, 1983. Polaroids Soapy Maripol, New York, 1979. Polaroids Dominique and Nina, New York, 1976. Polaroids Blouson de Cuir, New York, 1979 Polaroids Sandy and Sandro, New York, 1983. Polaroids Red Shoes, New York, 1979. Polaroids Boy and Dominique, New York, 1979. Polaroids Girls Next Door, New York, 1981. Polaroids Andy’s Big Shot, New York, 1978. Polaroids Trash Bag Bikini, New York, 1985. Polaroids Smoking Grace, New York, 1986. Polaroids Hedy, New York, 1978. Polaroids Debbie Outside a Bar, New York, 1979. Polaroids Lovey and Chica, New York, 1981

A huge Thank You to Refinery 29 for inspiring this post.

Late 80’s-Early 90’s Flashback

Not really an outfit for Master, but one that takes dievca back. An outfit that makes her smile every time she wears it….

mike-gonzalez-multi-exclusive-boucle-zip-jacket-product-1-2107664-401007892 mike-gonzalez-jane-knit- mike-gonzalez-multi-exclusive-boucle-zip-jacket-product-3-The Mike Gonzalez jacket is a multi-colored knit with a bit of lurex gold sparkle,dolman sleeves, pockets, zip up and turtleneck gathered collar which closes with three metallic dome button. (There is the same jacket for sale on eBay, size M, ends tonight, 2 bids.)Black Scoopneck T-shirt ModClothA black basic t-shirt is always a consistent staple in dievca’s closet… Always.
Vanessa MooneyThe Ball and Chain Stud Earrings - Supernova Collection - SupernovaA new staple – the Vanessa Mooney “Ball and Chain” stud earrings…deivca was on the waitlist for a long time and she randomly got the earrings on sale.DoDo talking charmsDodo by Pomellato: One of Master’s daytime submissive collars for dievca  ASOS-Peg-Pants-265x399 Metaphor Peg leg pants from Sears — a serious flashback from the late 80’s…Steve Madden Rubin Bootie black
Steve Madden Rubin Bootie — the shoes are a mash-up of one pair of black booties that dievca wore in High School from Contempo Casuals (her Mom told her that they were seriously ugly when dievca bought them and then dievca saw them on her Mom’s feet the very next day…) And a pair of lace-up tan boots with a sweater cuff from Nine West which dievca loved to death through the first years of college.

Not super glamorous, not something Master has seen dievca in — but something comfortable and familiar.
Hmm~wonder what Master will think about the outfit. 🙂