An upgrade on (1996) Candie’s

jennymccarthy_18-taking-piss-candiesJenny McCarthyJenny McCarthy 2

dievca was fascinated by the faux wood and the ability of people to walk in Candie’s Sandals.
Dr. Scholl’s  were bad enough!


But, dievca ran into these mule sandals and is taking a second look~

Leather Mules

Hairy Caterpillar – 1990’s Flashback

dievca spotted a young adult looking adorable in a Forever 21 Chenille Sweater. (left photo)

Welcome to the 1990’s Flashback which caused dievca to desperately hunt for something cosy and fuzzy — and is causing her to currently lust over a color she cannot wear (bottom).

What is Chenille?



  1. a tufted, velvety yarn used for trimming, embroidery, etc.
  2. a fabric filled or woven with such yarn, used for rugs, bedspreads, etc.

Origin of chenille

French, literally, hairy caterpillar from Classical Latin canicula, diminutive of canis, dog (see hound): from its hairy pile.


the symbolic meaning of a Caterpillar deals with pure potential. Symbolizing the promise of the new life dwelling in their bodies. Eventually a caterpillar is going to go into cocooning stage, after which it will birth into an entirely new creature (moth or butterfly).

OK, got it! dievca wanted to be cosy, she wanted to symbolize potential and she was able to curb her Chenille Flashback in an inexpensive way at J Jill and

The options have been well received and comfortable…but of course dievca ran into these Creatures of Comfort pieces and desire (not need) drives her thoughts, until she remembers that yellow is a rotten color on her…

Are you or your partner currently wearing a hairy caterpillar?

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Feelin’ some Grooves from Marques’Almeida~

Marques’Almeida Boxy Denim Jacket

Marques’Almeida x Topshop Boxy Denim Jacket

In August, Master and dievca had a conversation about 1990’s music, focussing on Nirvana and the story of the”Smells Like Teen Spirit” song inspiration and how the video got made.

As dievca was sorting her clothing for fall, she found the denim anorak she is planning to wear running around the city. It’s not something she is going to present in for Master, but it fits her downtown cool vibe.

Why was dievca looking for the jacket in the heat?

she was listening to some grooves (1991, 1997, 2000) that the Marques’Almeida duo designers shared as an exclusive Youtube playlist of music videos that have particularly inspired them.

Maybe you will be in the mood to listen, too.