Have you noticed?

Advanced Love Bill and Eva

Advanced Love: Advanced Style Bill and Eva Kobus-Webb

That you or your friends are becoming quirky in your aging?

Unique outfits?
Time Awareness?


Between Master, dievca’s family, her friends and herself –  there are a lot of people getting older who are really BOSSY!

The ‘mid-size’ mentality – being an “inbetweener”

I am a medium-sized woman.

I’m 5’4. I am muscular. Maybe I should be wearing petite cuts, bone-wise, but the muscles get in the way.

Size 0, 2, 4 don’t work for me, but neither do size 16, 18, or 20.

I am not a “Big Beautiful Woman”.

I would rarely be called “overweight” or “plus-size” or “heavy” or “fat”, but I’m never called “thin”.

I used to be “curvy”, but my waist is just starting to reappear from healing injuries and perimenopause.
I’m solid.

The best description of my body type is “athletic,” but only since COVID have I been able to start bouncing on the balls of my feet and doing burpees due to stress fractures. Swimming pools would have sped up the process if they were open…they aren’t.

I can wear an XS, S, M or L depending on the brand and cut of a garment.

Because I have muscle, I am sure that I weigh more than some men who are taller than me.

In the 1930s and ’40s, my solid Midwestern Farmer’s Wife body would be an asset on the farm. And because the clothing was made by hand, everything would have fit.

But in this current state of Fashion where I am not “thin” nor “big and beautiful”, my size is ignored.

No one models the clothing sizes between size 6 and size 12.

I would love to see how something might fit somebody “medium-sized” online, in Vogue, through the catalogs, in Ads.

What we see on TV screens and in the movies shows that thin is normal, fat is bad, and anything in between is confusing. Confusion leads to questions.

I, as a medium-sized woman, highlight the enormous scarcity we’ve gotten used to not seeing my type of body on our screens.

And maybe if “medium-sized” appeared more, I would be able to buy something online in the correct size with the 1st try.
BTW, trying things on in the stores is going to be a thing of the past with the way retail is going~ My carbon footprint will be large with all the returns and exchanges I’ll have to do.


“I have stopped trying to figure you out…”

No, Master did not give up on His dievca – he just has accepted that His dievca reacts and does things differently than He expects when she is not in submissive mode. she is a completely different personality type than what Master normally hangs out with~

dievca pointed out that their underlying value structure and overall beliefs are the same – it’s just the day-to-day view of Life, ability to function and their conclusions after processing information is different.
dievca is a fox, Master is a hedgehog.

Makes for interesting conversations, activities and occasional irritations.

Along with having similar core values, both Master and dievca are well-traveled.  Master travels more heavily internationally, 5 of 7 Continents. dievca, 3 of 7 Continents – but she visits more States.

Having different travel habits, dievca is very spacial and can pack a suitcase masterfully. Master cannot recreate the packing that dievca does for Him, so they have learned that she needs to leave Him extra space for, uh, messy packing.

Master would never use a passport cover. dievca has used one since college and just retired it after 20+ years to pay homage of being a Fox….

dievca’s retired Kate Spade 1990’s passport cover

dievca’s new passport cover 2019

As Master has given up on figuring dievca out – dievca has settled into knowing that her Master will always fascinate her with His responses (or non-responses) to certain issues in Life.

Both Master and dievca have decided to accept each other – as is.

They come in all sizes.

With the following “Words of Wisdom” from her Mother rattling in her head
(Note: dievca’s Mum is becoming frail at 84, yet is still hitting the exercise bike for her arthritis)
“Honey you may feel big, but I see you as strong and healthy which is so beautiful”.
Thanks, Mom XO

dievca is getting older (she’s a Libra) and she’s feeling her body losing muscle mass.  In response, she’s working on it…

To motivate her progression – she ran into these photos of (young!) Athletes. she knows that she won’t be there anymore, but she can work to be the best dievca she can be.

There may be different heights, structural differences and muscle development which is endeavor specific ~ who cares?

Look how beautiful these Ladies are:

Are you feeling motivated?