Sometimes you are clumsy when you are in a hurry.

Sometimes you are just clumsy and cannot get it together.

Knocking the water carafe off of the counter after you had just thought “watch that water carafe” comes under the second listing…. A b*tich to clean-up, too.

And then you find something beautiful to replace it and you worry about breaking. Sigh.


SGHR Sugahara

Hand Blown Japanese Bedside Carafe & Tumbler Set

The blue carafe/cup is really elegant and the good news is you can replace the cup separately from the carafe in case something happens. Perfect for Ms. Clumsy.

Has this happened to you?

dievca and Master connected this week to celebrate the end of dievca’s Jury Duty. A simple evening: Prosecco, Dinner, Apple Crisp, Sex.

The sex got a bit interesting when dievca went all in and raised her head up┬áto meet Master at a quick clip and Master dropped his head down to meet dievca at the same time. dievca heard a….

as her forehead connected with Master’s nose and blood dripped onto her chest. A flying leap out of the bed brought Master a towel and a dodge into the kitchen added some ice.

Master went into the bathroom to clean-up and dievca checked His nose to see what damage was done. she didn’t feel anything on the bridge of Master’s nose and he said he wasn’t in pain. The crunch might have been underneath and more internal. Master grabbed dievca’s hand and lead her back to bed to continue on, albeit at a more gentle rate.

Can’t let a little blood stop the Joy.